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 Deity List

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Banned, somehow.

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PostSubject: Deity List   Tue Feb 17, 2009 2:09 pm

Any deities you would like to add, feel free to post in this section.

Quote :
Greater Deities:

Ao: Overgod

[These are deities whom make up the powerful pantheons of Oldenland and the realms. They are the most worshiped, and the most known. One may only worship ONE Greater Deity whilst, if chosen, can worship as many of the other deities as they wish.]

Akadi: Goddess of Elemental Air, Movement, Speed, and Flying Creatures.

Baator: God of Slaughter, Demons and The Nine Hells. (By Drakonnan)

Bane: God of Hatred, Tyranny, and Fear.

Chauntea: Goddess of Agriculture, Farmers, Gardeners, and Summer.

Cyric: God of Murder, Lies, Intrigue, Strife, Deception, and Illusion.

Glacios: Goddess of Ice, Frost, Winter, and all Cold. (by Soap/Genesis)

Grumbar: God of Elemental Earth, Solidity, Changelessness, and Oaths.

Hircine: God of The Hunt, The Great Game, and The Chase. (By Phaeron)

Istishia: Goddess of Elemental Water, and Purification.

Kelemvor: God of Death, and The Dead.

Kossuth: God of Elemental Fire, and Purification Through Fire.

Lathander: God of Spring, Dawn, Birth, Youth, Vitality, and Athletics.

Lloth: Goddess of Drow, Spiders, and Assassination.

Mystra: Goddess of Magic, Spells, and The Weave.

Nazu: God of Chaos, Suffering and Sorrow. (By Drakonnan)

Oghma: God of Knowledge, Invention, Inspiration, and Music.

Selune: Goddess of The Moon, Night, Stars, and Werewolves. (By TRUly)

Shar: Goddess of Darkness, Loss, Forgetfulness, Secrets, and Vampires.

Silvanus: Goddess of Wild Nature, and Life.

Sune: Goddess of Beauty, Love, and Passion

Talos: God of Storms, Destruction, Rebellion, Conflagrations, Earthquakes, and Vortices.

Tempus: God of War, Battle, and Warriors.

Tyr: God of Justice.

Wosemon: God of Freedom, Oneness, Completion, and Sanctuary. (By Fyren)

Intermediate Deities:

[These are deities whom influence the behaviors and powers of their representation. They are usually created by Greater Deities.]
Bearius - God of Bears. (By Diasuke)

Canilus - God of Canines, Dogs, and Wolves. (By GeoWulf)

Felius - Goddess of Cats, and Felines. (By GeoWulf)

Beshaba - Goddess of Random mischief, Misfortune, Bad Luck, Accidents

Gond - God of Artifice, Craft, Construction, Smithwork

Helm - God of Guardians, Protectors, Protection

Ilmater - God of Endurance, Suffering, Martyrdom, Perseverance

Mielikki - Goddess of Forest, Forest Creatures, Rangers, Dryads, Autumn

Tymora - God of Good Fortune, Skill, Victory, Adventurers, Adventuring

Umberlee - Goddess of Oceans, Currents, Waves, Sea Winds

Lesser Deities:

[These are deities whom represent specific things. They can often times be found worshipping greater or intermediate gods. They are usually created by Greater or Intermediate Deities.]
Azuth - God of Wizards, Mages, Spellcasters in general

Deneir - God of Glyphs, Images, Literature, Literacy, Scribes, Pictorial and Literary Art, Cartography

Eldath - Goddess of Quiet Places, Springs, Pools, Stillness, Peace, Waterfalls, Druid Groves

Lliira - Goddess of Joy, Happiness, Dance, Festivals, Carefree Celebration, Contentment, Release, Hospitality, Freedom/Liberty

Loviatar - God of Pain, Hurt, Agony, Torment, Suffering, Torture

Malar - God of Hunters, Hunting, Marauding Beasts and Monsters, Blood, Bloodlust, Evil Lycanthropes, Stalking

Mask - God of Thieves, Thievery, Shadows

Milil - Goddess of Poetry, Song, Eloquence

Myrkul - Goddess of The Undead, Wasting, Decay, Corruption, Parasites, Old Age, Exhaustion, Dusk

Shaundaku - Goddess of Travel, Exploration, Long Range Traders, Miners, Caravans, WindGhosts

Talona - Goddess of Disease, Poison

Torm - God of Duty, Loyalty, Obedience, Paladins

Waukeen - God of Trade, Money, Wealth

Quasi Deities:

[These are deities whom are either non-existant and fake, or people who have been viewed as gods.]
Garagos - God of War

Gargauth - God of Outcasts

Gwaeron Windstrom - God of Rangers and Trackers

Hoar - God of Revenge and Retribution

Jergal - Caretaker of the Dead

Red Knight - God of Battle, Tactics

Savras - Goddess of Seers and Diviners

Sharess - Goddess of Lust, Weakness, Revenge, Mortality(Some worship her because she was the first to inspire these. They don't know what all she did.)

Valkur - God of Sailors

The Dark Powers:

[These are deities whom sometimes can be worshiped by those who follow the dark arts. Witches and the sort.]
Balador - God of Werebears, Protection, Fraternity

Cegilune - Goddess of Larvae, Hags

Daragor - God of Marauding Beast, Bloodlusts, Pain

Eshabala - Goddess of Vanity, Charm, Greed, Cunning

Ferrix - Goddess of Play, Curiosity, Hunting

Kanchelsis - Goddess of Blood, Debauch, Vamprism

Mellifluer - God of Lichdom

Squerrik - God of Thievery, Disguise, Concealment

Deceased Deities:

[These are deities whom were killed and were never revived due to possible circumstances.]
Amaunator - God of Bureacracy, Contracts, Law, Order, The Sun, Rulership. [Died of neglect]

Bhaal - God of Death, Especially violent or ritual death. [Killed by Cyric and Mask, replaced with Kelemvor.]

Ibrundul - God of Caverns, Dungeons, The Underdark. [Killed by Shar and Replaced.]

Leira - Goddess of Deception, Illusion. [Killed by Cyric and Mask, replaced with Cyric.]

Moander - God of Rotting Death, Decay, Corruption. [Killed by The Finder.]

Tchazzar - God of Chessentea (aka. Tiamat). [Killed by Gilgeam.]

No gods but the Greater deities can be played. Exclusions being events. All God Characters are admin only.

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Banned, somehow.

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PostSubject: Re: Deity List   Sun Mar 22, 2009 4:59 pm


Tat's all the gods for now.
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PostSubject: Re: Deity List   Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:13 pm


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Banned, somehow.

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PostSubject: Re: Deity List   Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:20 pm

Pat wrote:


I just added the lesser gods.
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PostSubject: Re: Deity List   Sun Dec 26, 2010 5:07 pm

Bear in mind since everything but some of the greater dieties have not been warped into Aeria's own original lore, much of this will be subject to retcon.
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PostSubject: Re: Deity List   

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Deity List
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