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 Consent-And YOU! :D

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PostSubject: Consent-And YOU! :D   Consent-And YOU! :D Icon_minitimeThu Jul 23, 2009 12:20 am

Now, a big part of the olden roleplaying experience is consent. What can you do to the other character without explicit permission? The answer is, everything short of a PK--if you can inflict it, it happens, but NOT if it kills the person instantly. In otherwords, if you are able, you can beat the crap out of the other character, but you can't kill him without consent.

Now, the only scenario in which I can think of in which the consent rule should be removed is in a near inescapable situation, IE, a gun to a head, and the person tries to resist, the victim COULD escape, but the alternative could be death--meaning, in order for some risk, some uncertainty to exist, for competition, the consent would be removed. Yet even this has flaws--this could count for any situation where the victim has been defeated and placed into a deadly situation. So, I ask you, olden, to put forth situations and ideas regarding when and why the pk consent should be removed. Please see Consent - Discussion to give your ideas.

Until then, this is a WIP
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Consent-And YOU! :D
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