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 Several Bodies Scattered.

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Several Bodies Scattered. Empty
PostSubject: Several Bodies Scattered.   Several Bodies Scattered. Icon_minitimeSat Jul 25, 2009 11:36 pm

[IC]: Slowly, the crisp morning sun rises, a cold sensation moving across Surna. As the sun peaks it's head over the gate, several loud yells can be heard, along with hissings and a crack. The area is filled with the disgusting smell of burnt skin and death.

Not even twenty minutes after the deaths, Saren is seen striding away, a bottle of whiskey in his hand. His other hand seems to be hidden, and his whip is hanging loosely from the belt. Around him is a strange, almost suspended like arua. Moments later, he pulls his other hand from his coat, the burnt, destroyed hand holding what seems to be a mask.

A closer inspection of the bodies show a burn mark around each of their necks, as well as several lacerations across the chest and arms. Here and there, the grounds cracked, as if something was slammed into the ground several times. The area falls silent as his foot fall clears off.

[OOC]: Okay, find out IC, I'm not doing the bullshit of, "OH, THIS AND THIS, AND THIS HAPPENED!"
E: I'm also going to edit this several times to make it presentable, this is just a rough draft.
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Several Bodies Scattered.
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