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 -[ The Dark Horizon]- An Overview

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PostSubject: -[ The Dark Horizon]- An Overview   Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:00 pm

-=-=-[ The Dark Horizon ]-=-=-
"Justice through the darkest means."

-=-[ An Overview ]-=-

The Dark Horizon is a group of mere assassins, killers, and ruthless murderers working as one, for a purpose unclear. Though, their acts are dark, and inhuman, one could call their actions justifiable. For there is no peace, justice, or fairness in this world. Only power brings protection, ambition, and luxury. They are a group of professionals, while some may strive off this path, and murder in cold-blood, most follow a secret code. Those who are to be slain rightfully deserve their end, those who oppose their creed aren't worthy of breathe. Protect the innocent, slay the corrupt, with any means that bring about the desired end. One may contemplate hiring their services, but they are to pay with a hefty price. Though, they should consider their own well-being if they are to fail payment. For the Horizon spares no-one.
[More to be Added]

-=-[ Assassination - The Darkest Art ]-=-

To those of the Horizon, assassination is not a mindless effort. It's an art. It's a life-style. For, they murder not for pleasure, or luxury. They murder for power, justice. And, with that they offer themselves to the citizens of Talibar, their 'paintings' if you will. At a hefty price. But, they don't stop at gold, for killing one man to end another is a fair trade. But, one should contemplate doing such an action, for their own well being may be at stake. For failure of payment would result in one's own end. As would the revelation of the order. Should you feel it necessary to ends another's life, be prepared to give just reason. For the Order does not slay in cold blood.
[More to be Added]

-=-[ The Creed ]-=-

The order does not work in lawlessness they are to follow a strict code, only known to those of the order. As stated before, they're not mindless killers. The creed is as follows:

  • Deal Justice through whatever means, should it bring about the desired end
  • Kill not another brother - unless he is unjust
  • Slay only whose deemed unworthy of breath, and spare the innocent
  • Never mention your faith in presence of those not worthy
  • Steal not from your Brother - For your hands will be taken in retaliation
  • Keep yourself from the Divine, for godly influence is the darkest of corruption.
  • Serve no god in the presence of others
  • Do not spread the creed, or the identity of others - or your life shall be your payment

[More to be Added]
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-[ The Dark Horizon]- An Overview
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