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 -[ The Dark Horizon ]- Applications

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PostSubject: -[ The Dark Horizon ]- Applications   Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:31 pm

-=-=-[ Applications ]-=-=-

Though, you are required to seek acceptance IC. You are also to fill out an Out of Character Application, and the entire group will decide if you are accepted or not. Don't let this stop you from seeking acceptance IC. For good roleplay might change the outcome.

-=-[ The Format ]-=-
Credits to Divinity

Quote :
[OOC] Applying with -- :
[OOC] I am joining because -- :


[IC] If you are to become a brother, we must know your name... :
[IC] What makes you think you are worthy to join us... :
[IC] What is your specialty child; stealth, combat, or magic... :
[IC] Do you know the Ten Tenets, if so, will you follow them... :
[IC] Do you believe in a greater being of any sort... :
[IC] What do you hold on your person that may be of value... :
[IC] Do you consider yourself to be a youngblood or a true deciple of the art... :
[IC] Do you have a chosen signature...:
[IC] Any last comments brother... :


[OOC] Steam ID:
[OOC] Quick RP Sample:

Post in the Main Thread, should you be accepted you will be put on the roster.[/center]
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-[ The Dark Horizon ]- Applications
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