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 -[ The Dark Horizon]- Contracts

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PostSubject: -[ The Dark Horizon]- Contracts   Thu Jul 30, 2009 11:19 pm

-=-=-[ Contracts ]-=-=-
Should one feel is necessary to have another man slain, the Horizon takes contracts which they deem just, and worthy of completion.


Quote :
-=-[ Assassination - The Darkest Art ]-=-
To those of the Horizon, assassination is not a mindless effort. It's an art. It's a life-style. For, they murder not for pleasure, or luxury. They murder for power, justice. And, with that they offer themselves to the citizens of Talibar, their 'paintings' if you will. At a hefty price. But, they don't stop at gold, for killing one man to end another is a fair trade. But, one should contemplate doing such an action, for their own well being may be at stake. For failure of payment would result in one's own end. As would the revelation of the order. Should you feel it necessary to ends another's life, be prepared to give just reason. For the Order does not slay in cold blood.


-=-[ Price Guide ]-=-
[To be Done Shortly]


-=-[ Contract Format ]-=-
Send this form to either Zaku350, or any of the higher ranked members for a chance to be accepted. Via personal messaging. Do not post this contract in the main thread, or it will be forfeit for obvious reasons.

Quote :
[OOC] Your Username -- :
[OOC] Chosen Character -- :


[IC] Your Name... :
[IC] Assigned Victim... :
[IC] Specific Date, Time, Location, or any other Information... :
[IC] Your Justifiable Reason... :
[IC] Favorable Assassin, if any... :
[IC] Your payment, gold, blood, material object... :
[IC] Will you speak about your contract outside the Order... :
[IC] Are you prepared to pay with your own blood if you break this treaty...:
[IC] Any last comments you'd like to include... :

If completed, your contract will be included in the log of the dead. Be aware that after hiring an assassin you are forever bound to the Horizon, but should you break your promise except retaliation.
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-[ The Dark Horizon]- Contracts
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