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 Freshly Posted Papers...

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PostSubject: Freshly Posted Papers...   Mon Aug 10, 2009 3:25 pm

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Jheran Massacrer on the Move
Date:August 9, 29 ER
Author:Alexia Thiessen
Few have heard of the infamous Jheran Massacrer, the perpetrator of over two-dozen murders in the city of Jheran. The murderer was identified as a woman, with pale skin, short black hair, and tattoos on both arms. If you see anyone that matches this description, report them to the Guards immediately. The last known sighting of this woman, name unknown, was in the woods near Surna. She appears to only go after nobles, a trait which has caused many nobles to double or even triple their armed guards.

Quote :
A Strange Discovery
Date: August 9, 29 ER
Author: Alexia Thiessen
In the city of Leyanara, a hunter reported seeing a variety of strange plant and animal life in the proximity of a large and mysterious tower out in the woods. The exact location of this tower is yet unknown, but quite far from civilization, nestled in the thick forests that cover a good deal of Talibar. The tower stands atop a high cliff, at the bottom of which lies a cave, guarded by a construct of some sort. This mysterious sentinel is reportedly 'as high as a two-story building, but faster than a hare.' The hunter's claims are all under scrutinous investigation by a small task force of Leyanaran guards. A psychiatrist is also examining the hunter for any isolation-induced dementia.

Quote :
Jheran Chooses a New Mayor
Date:August 10, 29 ER
Author:Alexia Thiessen
In the wake of the devastating Jheran Massacrer, which left many noblemen, mayoral officials, and the mayor himself dead, Jheran's people have officially elected esteemed Guard Captain Jason Kendrick as the town's mayor. Kendrick was sworn in only days ago, the election process sped up due to the city's lack of leadership. In his inaugural speech, Kendrick highlighted the fact that his was a necessary duty, and he would return to the Guard immediately following the expiration of the previous mayor's term, in only a few months. Kendrick's popularity stems from the fact he was of great assistance in the investigation of the Jheran Massacrer, as well as his hugely successful dealings with Morsus the Ender, which left the notorious bandit leader dead, and hundreds of other bandits behind bars or hung. He is considered arguably the greatest Guard Captain in the town's history, and many of the guards formerly under his command eagerly await his return to duty. Guard Lieutenant Daniel Persovick will take over as Guard Captain, under a temporary arrangement made prior to the election.
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Freshly Posted Papers...
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