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 Murder- Uktar, 11

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PostSubject: Murder- Uktar, 11   Thu Nov 12, 2009 10:21 pm

Quote :
Murder in Surna Pathways
Date:Uktar, 11

In one of the Surnan pathways in the city, around Midnight, a body was found over the edge of the wall. What lead to actually finding the body was the pool of blood, then the line of it leading off. Their are many lassoracions to the skull, obviously made by something hard, presumed to be metal. The person who has died has not been identified yet, but is a white female, with brown hair and green eyes.
If you have any information on finding the culprit, please give information to some sort of Authority.

OOC: Kikikikiki.
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Murder- Uktar, 11
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