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 The Backissues-The Prophet: Slain?!

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PostSubject: The Backissues-The Prophet: Slain?!   Sun Dec 06, 2009 7:57 pm

Time: A Week after the Prophet’s death

The Prophet: Slain?!
Imperial Home Legion organized, Accusations of corruption and deceit!

What was once a quiet and cold Winter morning in Talibar’s Capital soon shattered, as confused citizens watched the normally inactive Imperial Home Legion, the force responsible for the protection of Imperia, quickly set up barricades blocking some of the most traveled roads in Imperia, restricting access to the Imperial Palace and the so-called “Holy District”, an area built up around the Grand Chapel of Tyr. Within 20 minutes, the respective guards of both grand structures had surrendered all opposition. Citizens could only watch in shock as more than twenty High Ranking members of the Church of Tyr and nearly half the Council were marched out in chains.

Whispers of a possible and bold coup’de tat grew as a shaken faced Terrentious Volus Maylarn, brother of the late Emperor Secundous Maylarn, appeared before the Imperial Palace, flanked by Ex-Councilor Alfred Hook. The truth, however, was much more shocking.

The Emperor spoke of Surna and the accusations of heresy and evil against its populace as false, as lies perpetuated as an excuse to terrorize and subjugate the populace. “For months, hundreds of my innocent people have been killed or taken away in chains on entirely false charges. Morality and Justice must be upheld, yes, but this is not justice.”

“…..Three days ago, The so-called Prophet of Tyr led a full-forced, unsanctioned military assault against the city of Surna, with the intent of murdering every last of it’s citizens. Captain Thorn Razel led the defense of the city, backed by little more than a battered City Guard and an untrained Militia. Although ostracized and viewed as heretics and monsters, these ordinary men fought with ferocity worthy of the most honored soldiers to save all they held dear.”

“Incredibly, these men were able to cause heavy casualties against their enemy, eventually forcing the Prophet himself to retreat. Captain Razel led a small force in pursuance of The Prophet.”

“It is then that the Prophet revealed a secret to Captain Razel. The “Prophet” revealed that he was not the appointed will and voice of Tyr…that he , through the theft of magical power, has perpetuated this lie for personal gain. The small force then engaged the Prophet in combat, eventually slaying him.”

“The Prophet was not the voice of Tyr, the will of Justice. He was simply a power-hungry tyrant, willing to conduct the worst crimes in the name of the light.”

“And thus, those that have possibly ignored or even aided these crimes will be investigated, and the proper consequences distributed.”

His Majesty went on to detail the part of wrongfully disgraced Ex-Councilor Alfred Hook in aiding the Surnan resistance as well as bringing the crimes to official light. He also assured that the personal feelings of the Ex-Councilor had no part in the investigation of suspected individuals.

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The Backissues-The Prophet: Slain?!
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