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 Gale; The Frozen Land

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Gale's curse.

Gale was once just like Aryll; beautiful and infinitely spanning with trees and sand, but long, long before the rise of the other nations, lived two immortals, ruling all of the Wastes. Of course, they were named Gale and Aryll. Gale was a thoughtful man, deeply interested in the nature of the Wastes and the science that his citizens studied, while Aryll was a woman more interested in the mystical aspect of life, honouring the gods and applauding all magic. The two were deeply in love, boasting their passion could keep the world a peaceful place, forever holding unity. However, as the two grew older, they both became more attached to their interests, especially Aryll. Aryll slowly began to hate Gale for not having a religious side, and mocked his fascination with nature and his inability to control magic. Gale gradually grew insane from the contempt, his heart broken for not being able to show affection to his closest friend.

Years past, and eventually the two divided the land, the citizens naming both nations after their leaders. The citizens of Gale proved to be more patriotic, deeply infuriating Aryll, who soon placed a terrible curse on Gale and his land. The land of Gale slowly began covered in a never ending winter, while its citizens took the form of sentient, reptilian beasts. Dragons. As the newly transformed citizens scattered, some leaving the land, others continuing on with their lives, Gale himself became a dragon, but unlike the others, he lived a life of solitary under the land, becoming ever more and more insane from his lifetime of heart break.

Eventually, some citizens of Aryll came to Gale to establish a new home among the dragons, who had mixed feelings. Gale has no real government, but is more of a set of scattered nation states, while the land is commonly regarded as the land of monsters.
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Gale; The Frozen Land
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