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 The Nine Hells of Baator

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PostSubject: The Nine Hells of Baator   Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:09 am

The Nine Hells of Baator

Introduction and History: (5% of this was written by Pat in the Dreadrealms topic. 20% by Johnny.)

Ever since the beginning of Oldenland, there have been many races and influences. What one might call 'Good', often took on the form of something righteous, honorable, and selfless. These acts often found homes in the bodies of Paladins, Guardsmen, and any Commoner who did something with pure intentions. But of course, there was always what one might call 'Evil'. Evil takes on many different faces. Most typically, that of Hatred, The will to strike Fear into others, overwhelming jealousy, Unbearable Desire, and the feeling of Greed, that sweeps over us all. These essences of our personality's often come on top of those we consider 'Good'. But most notably, these acts find sanctuary in the forms of 'The Demonkin'.

The Demonkin, can be considered the very source of the corrupting influence of Evil, that spreads across the minds of the people in our world. The Demonkin were created, with one purpose only, and only one desire that kept their black forgery of a heart beating... the desire to cause endless Chaos, to corrupt all who would seek to do justice, and to sow mishaps and discontent into every soul they crossed paths with.

And thus the day came when the demonkin poured from the Burning Hells, eager to finally fulfill their dark purpose in a climactic battle between Good and Evil--A vast war known as the "God's War". However, the day came when the dark armies of Hell were pushed to the brink, the forces of light falling like a tide upon them. These valiant soldiers marched directly to Hell's doors and tore them asunder, killing the Lord of Demons, the Dark Master of Hell--the God, Sylornath.

Upon their great master's death the unity that was forced upon the ever violent realms of Hell was shattered, and hell was engulfed in a Civil War for many years after the God's War. Eventually this vast struggle for dominance ended in a fragile peace, with Hell being split into two different realms, with two victorious lords.

These realms were:

The Dreadrealms:The Dreadrealms became the Realm of Bane, God of Hatred, Tyranny and Fear. The Demons who reside here are what you might call fewer in number, compared to The Demonoculus, but they were more powerful.

Banehold, sometimes called the Barrens of Doom and Despair, or The Dreadrealms, particularly in the past, is an evil-aligned plane of existence. It is one of a number of Outer Planes, one of inhospitable locales, including vast deserts of black sand and huge plains of dark granite. There is no water to be found anywhere on the plane, and no sunlight fills the blood-red sky.

Five deities make their homes here, including Bane (his home was previously referred to as Acheron, or The Realm of the Second Breath), Beshaba, Hoar, Loviatar, and Talona. As these deities make home in Bane's dominion, each of them is in turn subject to his will.

The Dreadrealms consist of a single infinite plane, there are no constituent layers. It links via the Astral Plane to the planes of the Prime Material (such as Aeria) and a number of portals directly connect it with Hammergrim and the Blood Rift. Beshaba's realm, the Blood Tor, links directly to the Dreadrealms.

The Nine Hells: The Nine Hells were seized by The Demonoculus Order, a more vast army of Demonkin. These realms fell under the control of Baator, God of Demons, Slaughter and The Nine Hells. Split into nine separate realms or 'hells' which shall be explained in this topic, along with their commanding Demon Lords.

A peace treaty fell between the two Hells, and Oldenland carried on.The hells have been used to contain the sinful souls of those who served their dark rulers. Under Baator, the Demonkin blister in power and still manage to seep through corruption through to the mortal plain.

The Demonoculus Order:

Baator: God of Demons, Slaughter, and The Nine Hells:

"Baator is the Demon King, and God of all things associated with the Demonkin and the Hells. Labeled as the master of all things sin and dark, he is seen as the figurehead of all evil in Oldenland. Filled only with a desire for power and need to destroy all creation, he masters over the Nine Hells and all within them; utilizing them for his own power-driven needs. He rules from his home realm, the original formation that was once the original Hell, also known as the 'Tenth Level' of Hell. It is here followers of Baator will arrive in death, to become Demonkin themselves and be put to service in one of the nine hells to torture the unfortunate souls who have been deceived into the hells by the demonkin and Baator."

Daggoth, Lord of Hatred, Malice, and Wrath:

''Daggoth is the Demon Lord who commands Avernus, a vast and charred wasteland of burning earth and smoldering clouds of smoke. Those souls who have been corrupted by his hatred will find themselves here in the afterlife, suffering in this place, which symbolizes their own malice. Daggoth strings their hatred from them and directs it at other damned souls, causing them to forever lash at eachother in pure wrath, creating a realm of endless violence and strife. Daggoth himself, harbors an intense hate for all mortals and would take any chance to snatch a soul into his realm.''

Samael, Lord of Destruction, and Chaos:

''Samael is the Demon Lord that Baator put in charge of Maladomini, a barren wasteland crowned with the ruins of ancient cities and dungeons. Souls who have been corrupted by the demons of chaos are dragged to this hell by the Demonkin, forced to destroy and be destroyed in eternal 'faction wars'. Samael in personality, enjoys destruction above all else, causing chaos and creating sadistic 'games' as a pass-time.''

Zechariah, Lord of Terror, Fear, and Paranoia:

''Zechariah is another Demon Lord, ordered by Baator to keep control over Nessus. Unfortunate mortals who were corrupted by terror and plagued with paranoia will be too weighed to go to their desired afterlife, and be dragged into here. In this Hell, one will suffer through such fear, that their sanity will vanish in only the first 5 seconds of being there. The souls will be thrown down into the pits of Nessus, to fall into its never ending depths, where illusions of their fears and much more will lash at them from the pits walls. Zechariah loves bringing terror to the mortal world, and his followers in the mortal world would most likely seek to master illusion spells.

Uriel, Lord of Envy, and Jealousy:

''Uriel is the Demon Lord who is in command over Cania, a Hell that is more cold then even Glacious could muster. Those fallen souls who have been corrupted by unbearable jealousy towards anyone else, will be brought down to his Hell. Here, they will suffer in a cold environment, which symbolizes their cold thoughts of jealousy, and tortured by Uriel with all that they desired yet failed to achieve. Uriel is much more demented then any other Demon Lord, as he is jealous of all he sees. He is jealous of mortals bodies, their minds and their freedom to do as they wish and will rob it of you, if he ever gets the opportunity.''

Tartarus, Lord of Anguish, Agony, and Torture:

''Tartarus is the most brutal and the most violent of all Demon Lords. He is the ruler of Phlegethos, as appointed by Baator. Mortals who have been corrupted into sadists and masochists, will get a taste of the evil inside them by his hands. In his Hell, all souls will suffer horrible torture and abuse, that they could never think possible in life. Unlike a mortal however, death will never come for them. To help him in this, the very landscape of Phlegethos will lend a helping hand. It is covered in many volcanic structures, completed with flowing rivers of lava that countless souls burn in and writhe in agony for all eternity. Demons who serve him in Phlegethos will most likely be just as violent and crazed as he. Tartarus is extremely violent and prone to attack anyone for the slightest reason. Provoke him, and you will suffer a fate worse than undeath.''

Naraka, Lord of Zeal, and Greed:
''Naraka is the Demon Lord, who controls Stygia, a place of riches and materialistic items. Demonkin followers of Naraka will be permitted to lavish themselves in the luxuries, games, and food that covers the realm.. but corrupted souls will not. The demonic staff of this world will twist and corrupt these pleasures into mental means of torture towards the souls of previous light worshipers. Naraka himself is extremely desiring, and full of Greed, and the wish to make all souls belong to him.''

Baphomet, Lord of Pride, and Vanity:
''Baphomet is the seventh Demon Lord and the controller of Dis. In his Hell, all souls who are herded down, will be allowed to look upon the horrifying beauty of Dis. The city of Dis is made of pure, burning iron. To the eyes of the souls who have been filled with Pride and Poshness, this city will look magnificently majestic, but the very touch of the iron will scorch their flesh. Meanwhile, the demonkin of this realm will be free to populate the majestic city. The damned will be tempted with all leisure they enjoyed in life, but will never be able to come near the city, driving the once proud souls mad. Baphomet is the most egotistical of all the Demon Lords, and is the one with the shortest patience, making him very dangerous to trifle with.''

Azmodan, Lord of Lies, and Deception:

''Azmodan, is the Demon Lord in control of Minauros, a wasteland that is covered in huge clouds of polluted gas and bile. These represent the clouds of lies that the souls there have formed around themselves in life. When brought here, the souls will be damned to sit in the muck of their lies and breath in the choking gases that they formed unknowingly. Azmodan himself is extremely untrustworthy and very likely to lie to get what he wants.''

Belial, Lord of Salaciousness, Lust, and Desire:
''Belial is the final Demon Lord, and the one who controls Malbolge. This Hell is full of rocky structures, and constant shifts in the very foundations of it. The rocky structures symbolize arrousement in their most likely hood. Those who have been tainted by lust for another person, will be dragged down into this Hell, where they will find that others like them, will have their long lasting desire triggered and directed at them. In a sense, Malbolge is a Hell purely formed of constant rape and desire. Belial himself, is extremely lustful towards others, and will most likely do anything he can to get what he desires."

Demon Masters:

''Demon Masters are the 'Generals' of the Demonoculus Army. Each Demon Master, depending on their level in the Demon hierarchy command entire Divisions, or Armies; which could expand from 10,000 to 100,000 Demons. If one were to become locked in combat with a Demon Master, they had best do so with help, or be the equal to a Demi-God, to have any hope of destroying a Demon Master.''


"A Dragon bred and created in the Hells of Baator. These majestic beasts serve as the lieutenants of Demon Masters, mustering their forces for attacks and often serving as ambassadors in times of conflict. These creatures are known for their sharp tongues and malicious nature that drives them to deceive mortals to drag their souls down to the Hells."


"Sentinels are the officers of The Demonoculus Order. Scheming and devious in personality, all Sentinel's control the smaller formations of Demonkin ranging from Brigades, and Companies; to Platoons. All Sentinel's are brilliant field commanders with a sharp mind to fully utilize the potential of the demonkin under their direct charge."


"HellKnight's were once Paladins, who served Tyr, God of Justice. But now, they have fallen to the corruption of Evil and have been mutated into mindless drones to serve the Hells until the day their heads are hacked off in battle. HellKnight's are resistant to magic, and are extremely dangerous to engage in sword combat. They are utilized as lower ranking officials in the Demonoculus armies, commanding small squad formations and acting as the lieutenants to Sentinel's as well as bodyguards to more prized individuals."

Demonoculus Warrior:

"Demonoculus Warriors are the bulk of the Hellish armies. They do not know pain and they do not know fear. Their only desires are to flay the flesh from as many human bones as possible and enforce the rule of their Masters on mortals. They are all put to use in the standard infantry formations of the Order's armies, commanded in the field by HellKnight's and Sentinel's."

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The Nine Hells of Baator
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