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 Gul, the Wandering Mutant Genius

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PostSubject: Gul, the Wandering Mutant Genius   Fri Mar 13, 2009 4:36 pm

Age: 691 years
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Unknown
Race: Mutated human
Skill: Psychic, telepath

Biography: Nigh seven centuries ago, in a small hovel, a peasant child was born. As the parents gazed upon the tiny red form of the infant, they recoiled in horror. The child was a mutant. Later that night, with tears in her eyes, the young mother took the child deep into the nearby forest, where, after offering up a prayer to her gods, she left the baby on a patch of leaves. The mutant child had cried in defiance for hours, but the effort was tiring, and the baby fell silent, drifting into a deep sleep. Dreams came to the infant. A tall, silver, featureless figure loomed over the child in a realm of nothingness, and the baby raised it's arms towards the statue-like being, sobbing quietly. Stooping, the figure picked up the child with one hand, bringing it to a cradling position on it's cold metal arms. The baby looked into the featureless face of the mystical being, and in return, the thing cocked it's head to one side.

"For you...", the being whispered in a tone that carried no emotion, "For you... the greatest of mercies."

The baby continued to stare, his mouth half-open. "A life with no purpose. A life wasted. Though, such a soul without burden may still do great deeds. In the name of the creator, there shall be mercy. Mercy and light."

With that, the vision ceased. In the material world, the child had opened his deformed eyes, a golden aura playing about them. Visions and knowledge had flooded into the mind of the infant, a great power welling up inside of him, and, though being only one day old, the baby stood. Even now, the child had one of the most brilliant minds on the world of Olden, and yet, knowledge continued to flood in by some magical means. The days passed, and the little mutant had made a dwelling for himself in a small cave, miraculously located near a giant, hidden grove of edible vegetation. Months went by, and finally years. The mutant grew ever more intelligent, now able to perform once impossible calculations, and to predict the actions of nature itself. A psychic taint began to reveal itself, and when mischievous travelers might have attempted to loot from the secret grove, the mutant had merely purged their mind of such thoughts, sending them back on their way. When some individuals had proven to be more violent than others, the little mutant had broken their minds, leaving them a drooling, self-defiling mess on the ground. A decade passed for the mutant hermit, a decade of relative peace, but then came a greater enemy.

A warband of self-righteous bandits, starving after weeks of trekking through some inhospitable wasteland, fell upon the grove like madmen. They tore through it with crude swords and axes, devouring the berries and other fruits that grew in great quantities. Some had noticed the little cave nearby, fitted with a door and surrounded by the strange machinery created with the mutant's universal genius. Leaving the confines of his home, the little mutant had stumbled about in horror at the sight of the small army of barbarians rampaging through his beloved grove, and a boiling hatred filled him. The first bandit to charge the mutant dropped to the ground, felled by some unseen force, his eyeballs popping like the berries which he had just recently feasted upon. The second was thrown dozens of meters into the air, only to come crashing down on top of a boulder, the effect of the mutant's recently discovered telepathic abilities. Many more bandits followed those two, and as night fell, the warband lay dead, strewn about the forest's floor. As they had attacked, some of the bandits had set fire to the grove with torches, and the mutant sat in front of the raging inferno that had once been his source of life for several hours, weeping, his flickering shadow playing about behind him. Gathering what he could within a crude backpack, the hermit-turned-wanderer set off down a dusty road to wherever it would take him. If there was to be danger, he knew he would not be able to trust in his body, for it was weak and small. His mind, though, would be a force to be reckoned with.

The towns would begin to know him as 'Gul', a name he had given himself in haste. At first, guards had been reluctant to let this 3'5'' mutant, dressed in a crude leather overcoat, carrying only a backpack and a crude sword upon his humped back, into their towns, but they soon learned to respect him. Gul first found work for himself among the farmers of the land, where he designed new tools and water irrigation techniques for them, and local lords soon took notice of this pathetic-looking creature's vast intelligence. Soon, little Gul was devising and presenting new political systems, armor and weapon concepts, scientific revelations, architectural and engineering marvels, and much more for the various towns and cities of the region, though he never stayed in one place for more than a month. Of this, centuries passed, and Gul traveled the world, mysteriously unaging, gracing all of those who would accept him with his beautiful mind and even aiding old allies in war with his powers. The years went by, and as Gul wandered through one forest in particular, he could see high stone walls through the pines. Bringing up a map of the known world in his mind, he located his current position and now knew what town lay ahead. Smiling to himself, he approached.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Favored Enemy: None
Favored Weapon: Of course, his mind.
Current Task: See the world. Help those he can. Live life.
Deity: None

-Crude leather overcoat
-Crude plate and mail shoulder pieces on overcoat
-Crude hide shirt
-Crude footwear
-Crude iron sword

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Gul, the Wandering Mutant Genius
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