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 Equivalent Exchange

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PostSubject: Equivalent Exchange   Sun May 23, 2010 11:17 pm

Between magic and science, there are certain laws that are followed and sometimes only breakable by the divine. For example, a magician summons a pillar of rock from the town wall to protect himself from a threat. For it can not be "poofed" into existence it must be taken from elsewhere and follow two rules. It follows this,

"In order to obtain or create something, something of equal value must be lost or destroyed."

Rule 1: Energy and matter can not be created from nothing and can not be destroyed to the point when it is nonexistent. This means, for that magician to make the pillar, he must destroy something of equal value to get his rock wall. Now this raises the question "So anything can be destroyed and made into that rock wall?" The answer is no, because scientifically, not everything is the same. So somewhere, rock that is similar to the one he pulled from the wall was destroyed and reconstructed because it shares the same properties. So something mostly made of water can be made into something else almost completely made of water.

Rule 2: Without equivalence, failure is plausible. The rule is known as "backfire". Trying to circumvent the first rule isn't immediate failure. When something is thrown out of equivalence, it will wildly try and balance that may cause the death of the user. If a magician tries to make a ball of water a certain size without the proper amount, his body may be the first line to solve the problem. Seeing how humans are almost completely water. To quote HK-47, we're meat bags. To add, somethings like fire to not apply to this, along with light and shadow.


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Equivalent Exchange
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