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PostSubject: Orkz   Wed May 26, 2010 9:46 pm

Da 'Amma 'Eads.

"We'ze da bestest ork klan evah!"

Klan History.

Da 'Amma 'Eads warboss, Krazhkull, was originally a Nob from the Blood Axes. He was displeased with the 'umie tactics that the warband picked up, and with a good bit of close followers, he took what he could and went to another planet, an old destroyed Imperium planet by the name of Lorran IV. He built up his force there, making his name known to the Imperium as he successfully raided two other planets. He's been under the radar for a while now, building his resources, it's also suspected there's a civil war already in the faction.

Faction base color: Brown/dark red.
Faction flag: Slugga and choppa crossed over an orkskull.

Da Klan.

Da Warboss:
Krazhkull, OOC: Blitz

Da warboss is the leader of the klan, whatever he sez goez. He's the toughest, meanest, greenest ork of the warband. Armed with the best the klan has to offer in ork power weapons, he can take on many elite forces of other empires, even the Space Marines.

Da Nobz
Kommando Nob, Facerippa', Phry
Skyboy Nob, Bazgak, Gambit
Nob, Roktoof da Killa', Jacque

Da Nobz are the toughest, biggest, and meanest orkz in the klan. They are a master at what they do, usually close combat melee fighting. They are the leaders of the Orkz on the field.

Da Kommandoz
Nob: Facerippa', Phry
Kommando: Torsosmasha, Bosp

Da Kommandoz is da sneakiest! Sneakiest indeed, employing either cloaking devices built by mek boyz or natural camouflage, these boyz go deep into enemy lines to cause confusion and chaos. Not trusted by normal orks usually, as they have a tendency to stab their ork colleagues in the back at the chance they get it. Usually armed with Stikkbomz and big kustom shootas.

Da Skyboyz
Nob: Bazgak, Gambit
Skyboy: IC Name, OOC Name

Da Skyboyz use jetpacks to get into the heat of battle, one of the few orkz that use coordination in attacks. Armed with a slugga and a choppa.

Da Mekboyz
Bitzsmasha, beserk

Smaller orkz, focus on using ork vehicles and salvaging enemy ones.

Da Boyz
Nob: Roktoof da Killa', Jacque
IC Name, OOC Name
IC Name, OOC Name
IC Name, OOC Name
IC Name, OOC Name
IC Name, OOC Name

Da Boyz is the main force of the klan, armed with everything from burnas, big shootas, choppas, rokkit launchas, all most every weapon besides the big powerful boss ones.

Weapons and Vehicles.

Slugga - Weak pistol.
Choppa - The most widely used melee weapon of the horde, it is simply a small hatchet.
Shoota - A two handed, highly inaccurate machine gun, used by Shoota boyz.
Kustom Shoota - A shoota that's been modified, usually it's a large, dual barreled machine gun.
Dakka Shoota - Machinegun variant of the shoota.
Burna - Flamethrowing device.
'Uge Choppa - Large choppas, can be wielded by nobs with two hands.
Chainaxe - A warboss weapon that can cut enemies in half is swung correctly.
Power Klaw - A huge Mech armor attachment that can crush units and vehicles.
Rokkit Launcha - A rocket launching device that can launch three rockets at a time.
Stikkbomm - A German potatoe smasher kind of looking grenade.

Wartrak - Fast assault treaded vehicles.
Squigs - There are many many many many Squid variants used in the ork horde, all of them in offensive, defensive, and offensive positions.
Wartrukk - A large ork built truck that can carry around 20 ork units, or a single warboss.
Deff Dredd - A huge ork built melee machine armed with claws and a sawblade.
Kannon - Any kind of ork artillery piece.
Squiggoths - Legendarily huge squigs, overfed and bred to be extremely large. The biggest squiggots can have whole fortresses mounted on their backs, while others just charge through the ranks of their enemy, unstoppable until killed.
Tank - Any kind of built ork tank or looted tank.

Orks are green-skinned, a side effect of their blending on a genetic level with fungi (explained in more detail below). Orks are genetically engineered for combat, and quite efficiently so. They are extremely strong, and their squat bodies can withstand immense punishment. This is fortunate since the Painboyz operate on a generally nineteenth-century level of "surjikul" knowledge; unlike humans, though, Orks are quite capable of having limbs (or even heads) freely chopped and swapped onto a different body, and surviving the experience to fight again.

Orks grow all through their lives, though the average Ork stands around the same height as the average man. The Ork would be far taller if he were only to stand up straight. In their normal walking and standing pose Orks hide about a foot in height; when standing normally in their pose they look similar to a gorilla. Orks growth rates can vary, however. The effect is notable in extremely aggressive Orks. As the Ork survives combat and wins trophies, the respect of other Orks will produce in him an effect somewhat similar to adolescence in the human male: he puts on muscle, becomes more aggressive and assertive, and generally throws his weight around. If he wins the ensuing challenges to single combat, he may become a Nob (short for "noble," but pronounced "knob"), a leader of Orks, noticeably larger, tougher, and of a darker green than the average. Once he begins to grow, an Ork will generally keep getting bigger, stronger, and greener until he is beaten by a bigger or more cunning Ork. Warbosses and Warlords, the rulers of continents and empires, are very large Orks indeed, often standing over three meters (10') tall or higher. Ghazghkull himself is a towering 6 meters (19'6") in height.

Ork behavior is dominated by the Waaagh!, a gestalt psychic field they generate that affects the Ork psyche, as it allows Orks to instinctively recognize who is 'bigga' and therefore in charge. All Orks generate this field, and it grows stronger as the Orks enjoy themselves, generally while fighting. The Waaagh! helps give momentum (and the name) to the Orks' planet-crushing Waaagh!s. These Waaagh!s are a cross between a mass migration, holy war, looting party and pub brawl, with a bit of genocide thrown in for good measure. Millions of Orks will gather together, drawn to the power of a single dominant Ork called a Warboss, who is larger and more intelligent than the Orks around him. Then the Orks will set off to find an enemy to fight - any enemy. Ork Waaagh!s will sweep whole planetary systems away and destroy armies and fleets in tides of bloodlust and carnage, and only once the Orks have killed every available enemy will they start to fight amongst themselves again. In some cases, Warlords eventually forge their Waaagh! into an empire, although very different to the Imperium.

Orks consist of two symbiotic organisms: one comparable to a terrestrial animal and the other to algae or a fungus living in the first's bloodstream. The animal cells carry the genetic information of only the individual's subspecies, but the algae has genetic information for all the varieties of Orkoid, as well as the different Oddboyz. The algae also helps heal wounds quickly. If an Ork loses an arm, and has it stitched back on, the wound will be healed enough to go smash some heads within a day. Ork biology lends itself well to combat; they are extraordinarily strong and tough and are naturally good fighters, always looking for a scrap.
Orks are in some editions said to draw their heritage and unique biology from genetic modification by a now extinct master race, referred to in Ork legends as "Brain Boyz".
In the first edition of the game, Brain Boyz were the ancestors to the Snotlings. The Brain Boyz soared to intelligence upon eating a particular species of mushroom and spread across the galaxy with the help of their less intelligent Ork slaves, but whose empire fell apart when the Orks consumed all traces of the mushroom which only grew on their home planet. Before the Brain Boyz regressed into the permanently juvenile Snotlings, they genetically engineered the Orks' DNA to include a 'techno gene'. This gene developed in Orks as they grew, influencing their minds and releasing encoded knowledge; in a similar way that a human baby will reflexively hold its breath under water or a horse can walk half an hour after being born, an Ork's techno gene gave it information on how to fight, operate weapons, and speak his language. Ork specialists, such as Mekboyz and Painboyz, are the mechanics and surgeons of Ork society, and receive their knowledge through these techno genes. It seems this was a deliberate measure to ensure that the Orkoid race would survive in a hostile universe.
Orks have not only survived, they have prospered and are more numerous than humanity. This at least is due in part to how they reproduce. Orks reproduce through the release of spores, which grow into a plant-like womb underground that nourishes the bodies of the various Orkoid species. This is the entire basis of the Orkoid ecosystem, producing first Squigs, then Snotlings who cultivate the Squigs and fungus, then Gretchin to build the settlements, and finally the Orks themselves. This means the Orks, where ever they go, will have an abundance of food, slaves and other resources, a moving ecosystem that supports them as they go on their Waaaghs!

This also makes it extremely difficult to rid a planet of Orks, even if the initial invasion is defeated. Orks release spores throughout their lives, but they mass-release them at the moment of death. To prevent this, the bodies must be burned shortly after death (In the Fifteen Hours novel, the exact time was around seven hours, as the battle took around five hours, and Bulaven mentioned that they would start walking around again in two hours.) Without a nearby population of Orks, the fungus will eventually start the Ork life cycle anew. Decades after weathering an Ork Waaagh!, settlements on a planet can find themselves faced with an unexpected attack from feral Ork tribes coming out of the wilderness.

Orks gather into various levels of organization. The first is the mob, a squad-level unit of Orks with similar ideas of how to act on the battlefield, generally led by a Nob (a person - Ork, in this case - of wealth or social importance. It is short for "noble," but is pronounced "knob"). A number of mobs will gather together into a warband, which is roughly equivalent to an Imperial Guard company (although with a greater variation in size), led by a warboss. The largest organizational unit is the tribe, a group of numerous warbands all under the command of a warboss. Different tribes can be united by a powerful warlord when he raises a Waaagh!

The Orks speak the same language that most humans do, although due to possessing tusks they can't pronounce words in the same way. For example, they seem unable to voice some letters, such as the letter "h", or "er". Therefore, they pronounce words such as "hunter" as "'Unta", "head" as "'Ead". Orks seem incapable of making the "th" sound with tongue and tooth, therefore they simply spit out an "f" sound, producing words like "teef", "fings", and "fink" as opposed to "teeth", "things", and "think". In addition, they do not pluralise in the same fashion as humans, preferring the harsh buzzing of 'z' to the soft hissing of 's.' So, the term for multiple Orks armed with sluggas and choppas is Slugga Boyz, and so on for Mekboyz, Grotz, Mad Dokz, etc.
When (and if) an ork spells something in glyphic, it should be done "Fohnetikalee" (phonetically).
Orks believe in two gods - Gork and Mork - of which Gork is "Brutal but kunnin'" (the god of cunning brutality), this means he hits you REALLY hard when you're looking at him, and Mork is "Kunnin' but brutal" (the god of brutal cunning), this means he hits you when you're not looking at him. There is a different mythology sometimes portrayed in which Gork and Mork are the gods of Defense and Attack. Orks can't agree which god plays which role, and debates about this topic often erupt into fighting. The priesthood of these gods has no in-game representation, although the infamous Goff Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka claims to be receiving visions from both. Also, there has been some mention of Yellerz (the ork version of a priest) although they are not seen ingame. Orks generally tend to distinguish between Gork and Mork as one being mean, and the other being meaner. Some divisions lie in determining who is meaner; another factor preventing Orks from being united. It is doubtful if the distinction between Gork and Mork means anything in Ork culture, as long as it allows them to bash something. Perhaps Gork and Mork are actually one god.

Orks use their "teef" (teeth) as currency. This is quite a natural solution to inflation and income support, as orks go through teeth in a similar manner to sharks, replacing them quite frequently, and they degrade over time, so it is impossible to hoard them. This keeps prices constant, ensures all orks have access to money, and allows constant values to be placed on commodities. A toof will buy a good squig pie and a tankard of fungus beer, while a bag of teef will buy a cheap buggy. A big flash battlewagon could cost a warboss hundreds of teef (though they need not all be his). In some stories there are references to captured human scientists developing a preservative which slows down teef degradation, and making some warbosses rich and as a consequence fueling inflation.
The Bad Moonz are one of the richest clanz due to their slight genetic difference which makes their teeth grow earlier and quicker, making them richer than the other clanz.


Banna Wava: One of the luckier Grots that gets to hold the Boss's War Banna.

Battlewagon: Large tracked Ork construct built to hold at least 20 Orks. Loads of weapons. Generally used by an Ork Warboss as a transport.

Big Horns: Large horns, tusks or claws taken off a ferocious beast by an Ork Nob and worn as a status symbol.

Big Mek: Headquarters choice. Big Meks are Mekboyz that usually build grandiose/complex Ork vehicles and equipment.

Big Shoota: Heavy machine gun held off its tripod by a strong Ork. These guns are usually 13 to 20MM in caliber. Very noisy, very Orky!

Bionik Arm: Mechanical arm (or arm attachment) made by a Mekboy and put on by an Ork Mad Dok.

Bionik Bounce: Armoured skull piece put on by a Mad Dok to replace Ork craniums that have been shattered.

Blood Axes: Ork clan that was the first to meet umies. They have picked up many umie habits (like organization) and are distrusted by other Orks.

Blue Skinned Git: Ork slang for the Tau.

Bommer: Larger Ork aircraft designed to drop da BIG bombz.

Bosspole: Emblem pole worn on the back of an Ork Nob or Warboss. Usually adorned with War trophies and glyphs that insult `da enemies'.

Bugeyez: Alien creatures and/or Daemons.

Burna Boyz: Mek Boyz which are on the loose with flame thrower/cutting-torch Kombi weapons that are rough on both troops AND vehicles.

Choppa: Simple yet lethal great axe commonly used by Orks everywhere.

Cybork: Part Ork, part machine, these Mek/Mad Doc creations feel no pain and act accordingly.

DAKKA: Ork word for attack, noisy weapon, shoot and fight. Often heard in chants of DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA on the battlefield and Ork internet sites.

Deathskulls: Ork clan. They consider Pictish blue a lucky color and use it as Warpaint. Expert looters & salvagers. Watch yer wallet.

Dreadnought: An armoured war walker crewed by a single Ork. Armed with Power Claws, Rokkits, Burnas - Big Shootas. Very stompy.

Duelling Scars: All propa Orks have them. Ideally a good duelling scar should run from the top of an Orks head to his bottom jaw.

Dump: Ork's hovel.

Eatin Squigs: Virtually ALL squigs are eatable by Orks. Some just taste better and are named `Eatin Squigs'.

Eavy Armour: Extra armor plates worn by an Ork to give additional protection.

Ere We Go: An initial Ork chant used at the beginning of a charge. Also used when Ork aircraft take off.

Evil Suns: Ork clan that is into vehicles and SPEED. PAINT IT RED!

Flak Wagon: Anti-Aircraft half-track vehicle.

Flash Gitz: Orks that are REALLY into their shiny and over clocked weapons. Loads of DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA.

Frag Stikbombz: The resemblance between these grenades and the German potato masher grenade is NOT intentional on GW's part I'm sure. Allows for simo attacks against units in cover.

Freebooterz: Orks with no strong clan affiliation. Generally Ork pirates, but this is not always the case.

Fungus Brew: That most wonderful of Ork concoctions made in small `Micro-brew' vats. Very potent. Buzzer Squigs are sometimes added for an extra `kick'.

Garg: Ork word for huge, big, terrifying, noisy and powerful.

Gargant: Massively huge, big, terrifying, noisy and powerful Warmachines built in the image of the Ork Gods, Gork and/or Mork.

Git: Ork word for the enemy, a troublemaker or nuisance.

Goffs: Toughest, meanest and most ferocious Orks around. Obsessed with hand to hand combat. Vehicles make them dizzy, as does simple math and quickly repeated phrases.

GORK: Ork God. This God is not to be confused with Mork (the Ork God of low cunning). Unlike Mork, Gork will hit you WHILE your lookin!

Gunwagon: Armoured Ork Transport that can carry up to ten Orks and an artillery piece of your choice. Can be made closed top.

Juicy Squigs: The very biggest and best Eatin' Squigs captured at the bottom of the cesspit. Uhmmm Um, dinners ready Boss.

Kart: Ork slang term for any vehicle.

Kannon: Ork artillery that can fire both anti-personell and anti-tank shells, at least on the 40K tabletop.

Killa Kan: Small Ork Dreadnought.

Kommadoes; These are particularly sneaky and stealthy Orks. These two specific qualities are generally not associated with the Ork race as a whole.

Kustom: Ork way of making things.

Mad Dok: Painboss, Ork doctor. Their motto, do no harm, to your surgery tools!

Mega Armour: Heavy powered armor worn by Ork Warbosses or Nobz. Very tough but slow.

Mega Boosta: Mek Boy kicked up Mega armoured suit that generally goes fasta then a standard Mega armoured suit.

Mek Boy: Ork Nerd that's into building things. Ork engineer. Uses intuition in figuring out simple answers to complex situations.

Mob: Unit.

MORK: Ork God of low cunning. Hits you when `ya ain't lookin' and then laughs about it.

Naa: Ork word for 'No' and 'negative'. Can be used as a prefix meaning 'not'.

Naff: Ork word meaning inadequate, weedy or useless.

Nark: Ork word meaning `to annoy'.

Naz: Ork word meaning Moon, white, shine, light or wealth.

No See Ums: Ork name for Tau stealth suits, Necron Wraiths and any other hard to spot target. Orks hate No See Ums. Most Orks can't see the logic behind No See Ums. How can No See Ums get credit for krumping someone/something when NOBODY SEES THEM DOIN' IT? Blood Axes are the only Orks that may actually be able to grasp the concept and logic behind it.

Nob: Ork word for Noble.

Ogryns: Occasionally found by Orks on remote planets before the Imperium does. These Orgryn's find Orks enthusiastic and can be recruited by them.

Ork Waa-totem: Ork monument carved (or painted on) stone by a Warboss to show his exploits and strength in battle.

Pain Boss: A powerful Mad Dok.

Panzie: An Ork slang term for the Eldar.

Power Claw: Similar to the Beaky Power Fist. Can stop even the mighty Landraider.

Proppa: Ork word for correct, true, righteous and loyal.

Red Paint Job: The fluff states that the Imperium has tests that show that Red painted Ork vehicles actually do go perceptibly faster.

Shoota boyz: Name of Orks armed with Shootas.

Shoota: Ork gun, larger then the Ork Slugga pistol.

Skar Boyz: Veteran Orks that have seen enough fighting to grow even bigger and stronger.

Skumbo: Nob word for common Orks.

Slugga Boyz: Most common Ork troopers. Simply but effectively armed with the mainstay Choppa and Slugga. Close combat troops.

Snakebites: Ork clan. They have a nomadic, preference for simple weaponry and a mistrust of vehicles, contraptions and all things mechanical.

Snik: Ork word that means cut, kill, slay, execute, assassinate, terminate with extreme prejudice, snuff, murder, rub out and/or slaughter.

Snotlings: Small Grots/Goblins.

Squiggoths: Tremendously huge Squigs that have been deliberately bred too big to be as large and as mean as possible. Can take a large number of wounds. Comes to two sizes, large and massive.

Stikkbomz: Stick grenades.

Stikk Bommas: Ork mobz that automatically comes with both Frag and Krak Grenades. They are very useful against light vehicles.

Storm Boyz: Orks with crude Jet-packs. Fast and effective, but fragile if not used correct timing.

Tankbusta Bombz: Almost man-hole cover sized bombz that can kick a** on most vehicles.

Teef: Ork word for Ork teeth which are used as currency. Ork teeth, unlike human teeth, decay and crumble in only a few years after being removed from an Ork. Thus Orks tend to spend their Teef just as fast as they can.

Teleportas: Ork Mek Boy invention that can transport Orks and equipment across surprisingly vast distances. More than one Imperial Commander has been sucker punched by this thing.

Truk Boyz: Orks transported into battle by fast trukks.

Uge Choppa: One big a** Choppa. Slow but strong.

Umie: Ork word for human.

Urd: Ork word for swarm, lots of, herd.

Urty: Ork word for pain, medical attention or distress.

Waaagh Banner: A Great banner that proclaims how tough da Warboss is. Can help with re-rolls of failed Waaagh attempts on charges.

Waaah: Ork word that roughly translates as `we are the tribe of' or `watch out' or `here we come'. Also refers to a massive Ork invasion/army/kroosade.

Warboss: You KNOW what this is! If you don't, he's a huge powerful Ork leader who is very skilled, tough and strong in combat.

Warlord: A very powerful Warboss...EG, Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka and Warlord Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub.

Wartrak: Looks very similar to the World War II German Kettenkrad. Once again, GW is having a little sport IMHO. Wartraks carry Twin Linked Rokkits/Big Shootas or can carry a Skorcha. Effective unit.

Yoof: Young inexperienced Ork boy.

Zog: Ork word meaning to go away, wander off, lost and `no good'.

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Posts : 820
Join date : 2009-12-20
Age : 25
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Character sheet
Name: Herr Doktor
Age: ???
Race: Doktor.

PostSubject: Re: Orkz   Thu May 27, 2010 9:50 pm

examples of ork speaking;

"Awright, boss, whatevah you sez boss!"


"'Umie's 'ta kill, 'umies 'ta kill!"


"We need dem squiggoff's up 'ere!"
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Posts : 820
Join date : 2009-12-20
Age : 25
Location : ATL, yo.

Character sheet
Name: Herr Doktor
Age: ???
Race: Doktor.

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recruiting for ork forum via SF and forums
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