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PostSubject: GENERAL INFORMATION   Tue Jun 15, 2010 7:25 pm


The guild of necromancers used to be purely a school for necromancy, but while the old necromancers guild crumbled, a new one has taken its place, called the school of necromancy. No longer does it reserve place for people who only wish to practice necromancy. The school is now for anyone wishing to learn any school of magic. The only condition for tutorage is for the student to use the shadow weave when casting their spells.

Positions and recruitment

The necromancer school does not enroll students through any form of application program, but instead actively recruits students through teachers. The teachers are tasked with finding potential individuals, and to inform them of anything they need to know.
Teachers are recruited in the same way, and the same goes for general staff.

The student will first undergo a period of basic lectures, where they are taught about Shar, the shadow weave, and magic in general. After the end of this period, they are allowed to pick up to three schools of magic they wish to specialize in, and then they will be assigned teachers according to these choices. Once they have learned a moderate amount about their magic school they will be allowed to choose one or two of these magic schools to be further taught in. A student is allowed to learn how many schools they want, but only three at a time. At any time can a student decide to stop their schooling and simply drop out.


The Night Mistress

Number of spots: 1.
Basic description: The head of the entire school. This position is the highest, and has full control over everything. This position is always seated by a very powerful individual, and will either be overthrown by a more powerful individual or decide to step down and give power to someone else within the school. If a male takes this position, it is renamed to "The Night Master".
* Make sure all students, teachers, and staff do what is required of them.
* Keep an overview of general things such as teachers and students in the school.
* Manage general administrative business.
* Full control over everything.

High Night Cleric

Number of spots: 3.
Basic description: These teachers are the most powerful of all, and only teach the most experienced students who want to become a master in a certain area of magic.
* Teach the students assigned to them.
* Keep their students safe.
* Assign students to the Clerics.
* Recruit Night Clerics and Acolytes.
* Worship Shar.
* Full control over all below ranks.

Night Cleric

Number of spots: 10.
Basic description: These are the basic teachers of the school, and manage the students. They are very skilled within atleast one area of magic, but have yet to master it.
* Teach the students assigned to them.
* Keep their students safe.
* Manage summoned entities and staff.
* Worship Shar.
* Full control over all below ranks.

Night Brother/Sister

Number of spots: Infinite.
Basic description: These are individuals who work within the school, who do not necessarily have any magical experience. They are often enforcers that work to actively protect students and teachers from anything and anyone. These enforcers can also be used to get rid of unwanted "mouths". People who speak openly about the school, and give out names of members of it.
* Any job assigned to them.
* None.

Night acolyte

Number of spots: Infinite.
Basic description: The students of the school. They follow the teachers they are assigned to and are taught by them.
* Listen to their assigned teacher.
* Learn their school of magic.
* Worship Shar.
* Learning magic.


The following rules are enforced heavily:
1. Under no circumstances shall you reveal the name of another student or teacher.
2. Do not harass, injure, kill, or cause trouble for another member of the school.
3. Respect those in power, and you shall be respect in return.
4. Listen to the clerics and high clerics at all times.
5. If someone outside of the guild is bothering you, contact either a teacher, the mistress herself, or a night brother or sister. Do not take the matter into your own hands.
6. Always maintain control over your summoned beings. Should you lose control of it, immediatly contact a teacher or enforcer to deal with it.
7. Killing someone is inadvisable, but sometimes necessary. If you are ever forced to kill someone, contact a night brother or sister to clean up any blood, limbs, and the body itself.

Recruitment will OOCly be taken through applications, and then you will ICly be recruited by someone already in the school. Applications will be done in THIS THREAD.
OOC commentary on any of this will be taken HERE.
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