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Estivon, or Nuihadhas to it's locals, is a shore of revelry, dancing and wine. Lush towering forests conceal bands of wisps, travellers and native alike. Large ancient Elven buildings stand as a testament to their once great power, but now only a whisper. Large lakes with peaceful currents flow through the hills and forests, creating a sweet petrichor much alike to that of a farmland. The native Elf population build their homes in the sturdy barked trees, unaware of any outside news other than the next wine season. They live for enjoyment and willingly invite the other races to join them. More than not, travellers go insane with the music, wine and dance for nearly forever, due to the long age of the Elves. Insane travellers are then swept up in the enjoyment, becoming much like the Elves. Once, there was some modicum of bloodshed via conquest, but the Elves seem to forget their history easily, due to their lack of care for it. Humans are free to pass through whenever they want, and there is a large military encampment to provide shelter for travellers, lest they wander off and turn insane, or even worse, die. The nights are extremely cold, and the days are extremely warm, the monsters in the forest, who do not seem to enroach upon Elven territory, nor attack their holdings, are very savage and bloodthirsty, and there has been cases of even Werewolves attacking travellers passing through. Because of this, the area is a prime place for questing adventurers seeking fame and glory, due to the harsh trials that one has to endure.

With all the danger around them, the Elves live in a suspended animation, with no real purpose. Fighting is completely unheard of but there are telltale signs of magic energies floating in the air, in the form of will-o-wisps. They are large beams of light which lure travellers into a false sense of security, before consuming them completely, to feed it's appetite. Such odd creatures created by such odd energies mean that the Elves have no explanation, and worship one god, which they believe control the forest and look after them, dispelling all invaders of their peace, enjoyment and revelry.

The God-War took it's toll upon the Elven populace of Estivon. Once, there were whispers of sanity in the Elven colonists who sat deeply entrenched in their newfound landmass, holding on for hopes of an end to a new god war, brought to their lands by the dark-skinned Drow, but slowly their will was shattered by the invaders, who were busying themselves by taking to preying upon the populace, causing countless casualties among the populace. A once thriving tree of Elves, more than a million women, men and children lay dead, gutted by Dark Elf blades. The immediate response to the invaders was to curl up into a ball of complete shelter, and weep for the lost ones, as the Elven populace do now, but the expression is different. In the wake of the Dark Elf invasion, the large setting of the God-War and the tremendous loss of culture, the Elves weep for their lost ones by dancing, and this is a possible link to the endless dancing and escapism via joy by the Elves.

The god as described is eight-feet tall in height, with flowing golden hair and pointed ears. His long sleek and angled face is an iron mask of no emotion, his green eyes ever-watching and ever-vigilant against invaders. He carries the burden of a-thousand pains upon himself, and it is said that when a living lifeform dies in the forest, the god's anger grows with it. Wielding a large staff of blinding light and a huge sword of great proportions, he wears golden plate armour and sits on the forest canopy. This is all however, just Elven talk between themselves and is generally shrugged off as superstition by the Human locals in the area.

Some cities, such as below, carry great amounts of strain, even stone can be built upon the great white trees. The branches are lush and ripe with fruit, but most of it is poisonous to all but the Elves, which is where their wine is made from. There are no shipyards and the forest is mostly undiscovered, but adventurers die and arrive every day to seek more wealth and fortune.

Estivon Estivon1

"Peace be to all who visit the realm of Nuihadhas, for within the perpetuity of peace lies the immortal gift of happiness for all. Go now, my sons, my Elves, and live your lives to their extents, for I am the ever-vigilant guardian of Estivon, of Nuihadhas." These words are inscribed above every entrance into the continent on a large rune-stone as a reminder of conduct inside the realm. No-one knows how these rune-stones got there, but it is another mystery of the Elven-folk of Estivon.

A large Talibarian-controlled fort with a lumber mining camp lies to the north, allowing entrance into the lands of Imperia and beyond. Large iron stakes drove into the dirt provide defence against any assault and is considered harmless and is tolerated in general by the Elven population. It keeps a fairly easy holding over the lands and is governed by a commander of one of the Talibarian military. It serves as a lookout and vantage point to observe when the land is ready to be colonized. Some time ago, various traders and diplomats moved through the territories, but when they went missing, any entrance was prohibited to all but licensed mercenaries with contracts or warrants.

The Battle of Duiniron, Narn e-Dant Nuihadhas


The Ten Fears of Dúlin's Folk, Acas Cae Dúlinnae-Dôr

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