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 Hazel Dadoni

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PostSubject: Re: Hazel Dadoni   Hazel Dadoni - Page 5 Icon_minitimeSat Aug 07, 2010 6:34 pm

Phry wrote:
Quote :
blitz's hilariously ironic statments regarding my inability to think out my thoughts or concepts after just having changed his character from a 50ft woman to a 2inch woman when the prior didn't work out so well.

fuck you're right i'm very lacking in what you said yes.

blitz i think you think you're a lot smarter than you actually are.

Quote :
I don't even comment on anyone's characters unless it's terribad.

the rest of the community that isn't lazy as fuck generally bothers to comment other people's character pages. they don't show up only to pose critism. wheras i have been doing exactly that on the last two of your threads, i can justify this by pointing out my comments on other people's threads.

oh shit i've made this post too long blitz wont be able to read it.

ah well.

one day his literacy may increase to the degree of that of say a five your old.

Quote :
something about putting it to a poll

yeah, lets do that.

phry, I don't comment on peoples pages, unless they're stupendously awesome, because it's the admin's fucking decision in the first place. I don't take criticism from you because frankly I hate you and you know that, and I've seen your RP and it's just stupid. As for my character, Ijudi was creative, but it was stupid and overpowered, my character on the other hand is just creative, not "stupid". It's funny how you didn't seem to care about the character when it was 50 feet but now you're all HNNNNN about how it's so easy for my character to be killed and how my biography doesn't detail how close the lab was to the landing pad or whatever.

There's nothing wrong with the fucking character as it stands, just that for some reason you guys are actually caring what will happen ICly. That'd be like if you went on my rogue robot character page and went "BUT WHAT IF THE AUTHORITIES CATCH HIM AGAIN, DENIEDDD" or my Doctor character "BUT WHAT IF PEOPLE GET SCARED AND SHOOT HIM AGAIN, FAIL THIS PAGE" or my crab-person character "BUT WHAT IF HE GETS IN A BIG FIGHT WITH ANOTHER FACTION AND DIES, FAIIIILLLLED CHARACTER".

Really, I don't give a shit about your fucking assumptions for what is going to happen ICly, let the roleplay decide that. Otherwise, I don't see the problem, she's small, she can sneak around and steal food and water in such a small amount no one would notice, and she wouldn't stray off into the middle of the streets like an oblivious squirrel.

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PostSubject: Re: Hazel Dadoni   Hazel Dadoni - Page 5 Icon_minitimeSat Aug 07, 2010 7:34 pm

I'm locking the thread and putting up a poll, seeing as this is getting seriously offtopic and seems to me like drama.


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Hazel Dadoni
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