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 Tarrim Horstheim

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Tarrim Horstheim   Tue Jul 13, 2010 10:15 pm

//(Please note, I tend to use the theme music not just as fitting music for the character, but it is also relatively timed to provide a generally better (and in my opinion more immersive) reading experience, this particular character bio is to be read at an average 143 words per minute upon clicking of the play button for full effect. Thank you for flying Magoo airlines, have a splendid remainder of your day.)

Name: Tarrim Horstheim
Age: 29
Aliases: -NULL-
Race: Human
Current Residence: Zaasehr
Faction: Horstheim Foundation
Subfaction: -NULL-
Birthplace: Sparysias
Biography: The first born son of Abaduli Horstheim, and his clear favorite. He is the rightful succesor to the throne, should his father die. Tarrim is a oratory genius, and as such is the Commander of the Sparysias military, should the need arise for it's activation. Though, Tarrim has been diagnosed by anonymous doctors as a 'textbook schizophrenic' and has been deemed 'Unfit to command an army in a time of crisis' by doctors who wish to remain anonymous. Both Abaduli and Tarrim disregard any diagnosis other than "In perfect health" as heretical. The doctors bold enough to publicly announce their heresy end up missing within a week thereafter. Tarrim was born two years prior to the foundations rise to power, this makes him the only one of the children not birthed to royalty. This piece of inferiority only pushes him to be bolder and more upfront with the desire to take his fathers throne. Though this is unknown to be an absolute fact to anyone other than a handful of higher ups on the military advisory board. Tarrim often heads the diplomatic sections of the countries politics, leaving the publicity to the rest of the children. He is the most merciless of all the Horstheims, often presiding over public executions as the guest of honor. He has the utmost faith in the abilities of the Royal Ashababas (The formal name of the generality of the Sparysian army.) to do what is necessary to secure Sparysian dominance when the time comes. He was engaged in 2668 until he called off the wedding because he was "Already married to my work.". This act only furthered Abadulis confidence in him as a leader, and gave him access to a vast amount of resources he previously was barred from. A general consensus amongst conspiracy theorists is that this was planned from the moment he began courting the woman. Tarrim has discretely been withholding a slightly larger percentage of produced weapons than what is the normal. This has either yet to be noticed, or more likely, those who have noticed are too fearful to come forward. A storm is brewing in Sparysias, and Tarrim Horstheim is at the center of it all.
Personality: Manipulative, overconfident, intimidating.
Appearance: A candid taken just after his appointment to Grand Büyük General
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PostSubject: Re: Tarrim Horstheim   Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:15 am

Nice bio, I don't see any reason for this to not get accepted. Seems like an average guy to me.
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Tarrim Horstheim
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