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 Planes of Existance

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The planes of existence fall in to three categories. First there are the Metaphysical Planes, the Divine Planes and then finally the Physical Planes.

Divine Planes are the realms of dieties. As each god is a powerful immortal that favours a certain ideal or philosophy of life, each Divine Plane shapes to fit that ideal.

Every diety and demigod has their own plane, but prime examples of this would be Kossuth's realm, where volcanoes are present, and inhabitants of it seek purity through flame and ambition.

Baator in particular has NINE REALMS, all further explained on the previous link.

Sometimes ideals of a diety cross over with metaphysical planes, and when that happens, the diety will have some power in that realm.

Metaphysical Planes often have no ruler, instead are abstract, lawless realms that feature one aspect or element of life.

There are of course the four primary elemental planes, Water, Fire, Wind and Earth.

There are also the planes of Shadow and Light

The Physical Planes are much more intricate and complex than the Divine Planes, being compilations of the ideals and aspects of existence, the minds of mortals being the most powerful influence of these Realms.

The Mortal Plane; Aeria, is by far the largest of the physical planes and most well known of all the realms. Originally the Realm of Dragons, Aeria is the most conflicted of the realms, many beings, mortal and immortal, fighting over it, as there is no bigger location of mortal spirit and mind.

There are many personal planes of existence created by powerful mortals that act as personal mortal planes and private realms to live in. The personal realm of a mortal is the most powerful location they can be, as the plane is created and shaped to their will and mind, being what they want it to be with no accidents upon creation. It is obvious that these places are not perfect, they are only shaped to the mind of its creator.

Finally, there are a few realms that fall in to two or three of these categories.

The Vindicator's Realm falls in to all three of the categories. It is Divine, because it is controlled and ruled by The Arbiter, demi-god of The Vindicators, Metaphysical because worthy Vindicators go to the realm upon death, avoiding any other planes of afterlife, and Physical because it is technically a personal realm of Marius Shire, who originally created the realm as a private hideaway, but later expanded it for the Vindicators.

This is of course a wip, I'm going to need some help from Kain to get the other planes of existence covered.
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Planes of Existance
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