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 The Order of the White Palace

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PostSubject: The Order of the White Palace   Mon Aug 30, 2010 7:42 pm


An organisation shrouded deeply in mystery, The Order of the White Palace is a small group of incredibly high ranked holy officials, whose role is the canonization of those worthy into patron saints. Currently, they have not been active for as long as anyone can remember. The reason for this is unknown.

They are based, as their name would suggest, out of the White Palace in Occitan, the ceremonial home of the Kaiser. It serves primarily as a huge shrine to the Saints.

A member of the Order is known as a 'Heiliges Reiter-Brüder', and the process with which one becomes such a member is unknown to anyone but the Kaiser and the Reiter-Brüder. There are currently only around twenty of these members, and they are second to the Kaiser in their piety. They too, like the Kaiser, can communicate with the Saints.

They have not been known to have ever changed members, or inducted new ones, raising the question of whether they even exist any more. However, to doubt the ancient Order- the right hand and creator of the Saints- is heresy at an incredible level.

There have been hundreds of rumours of sightings of the ancient Reiter-Brüder, but these have all been proven false.

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The Order of the White Palace
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