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 Martial law in Surna!

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PostSubject: Martial law in Surna!   Fri Sep 17, 2010 2:27 am

Quote :
Martial law!
Date: September 17th
Author:Leonardo Ridgewell
Earlier today martial law was imposed on Surna by garrison commander Thorn Razel. Over the past few weeks the citizens have seen the taint of oblivion drawing nearer and nearer to our fair city in a wave of fear and destruction. Things are currently at their worst with both the food shortage and crippling lack of trade having just recently become evident as it has turned our fair town into a poverty and famine stricken blight on the land. Though Commander Razel refused to give any details he assured us that this situation is only temporary and soon things shall be improving and at this, perhaps Surna's darkest hour, we can only hope.

OOC: So yeah, this is just a reminder that food, water and money will all currently be incredibly scarse compared to normal, at this point most people've probably resorted to eating their horses, dogs and other animals in the desperation, not to mention alcohol is starting to dry up at an alarming rate. Expect a mini quest page to come up within the next day or two relating to this article.
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Martial law in Surna!
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