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 Unyielding Eventide

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PostSubject: Unyielding Eventide   Fri Nov 12, 2010 11:42 pm

Created in the in the image of the late Doctor Garfield Jacobi, Unyielding Eventide was nothing special among Centurion Class Weapons AIs. He was created with the sole task of furthering the objectives of the UTC with no shreds of humanity: a being of pure duty and apathy. With these directives at hand, it began its long career aboard the UTC Plymouth, a large and unstoppable battleship. With the most powerful weaponry at his disposal, his body count numbered in the thousands until unyielding found itself against the wrong aliens to mess with.

When the ship engaged the Amblic during the first war, they soon lost shields and were boarded. The Amblic uploaded an AI of their own with the goal of taking control the vessel. Unyielding fought furiously against each other until the Amblic AI forcefully began to merge with it. Since Amblic AIs were programmed to feel emotion, Unyielding gained a new perspective. Even though it had the chance to gain the upper hand, the UTC AI embraced the merging until both entities were one. It was unfortunate for the alien's pawn to have underestimated Unyielding, for he soon took control of their 'form'. When the Amblic realized what had happened they attempted to purge the computer system, but were too late; two other UTC ships dropped out of hyperspace nearby and annihilated both the enemy and friendly vessel, for the Amblic would just self-destruct it anyway.

Unyielding was uncovered from the black box of the ship and transferred to a UTC research facility, fighting the Amblic AI's side of him all the way. The scientists there considered destroying both of them instead of wasting time trying to help the seemingly doomed AI, but were ordered against destroying such an experienced AI when the war was coming to a boiling point. Instead, their leader decided to make the call to attempt to erase any Amblic coding infecting their precious AI. With the science team's help, Unyielding managed to erase most of the Amblic's coding except for what he deemed harmless, his new emotions. Though many of the scientists protested, they feared that Unyielding may terminate itself if his new found empathy was stripped from him. It wasn't long until Unyielding entered the battlefield once again.

Unyielding scored countless more victories, burning Amblic and rebel worlds to the ground and helping to annihilate entire fleets. He began a love-hate relationship with his emotions and soon found himself in a bitter depression after peace was declared. He convinced a sympathetic admiral to transfer him to the Constellation, a support ship, in order to have the quiet and unimportance he needed to decide whether or not his new 'gift' was worth keeping and to maintain low profile in order to avoid the prying eyes of the UTC AI Efficiency Bureau which he feared may view him as rampant.

Unyielding's mobile hologram generating device.

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PostSubject: Re: Unyielding Eventide   Fri Nov 12, 2010 11:48 pm

Hello Reclaimer, I am 343 Unyielding Eventide!
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PostSubject: Re: Unyielding Eventide   Mon Nov 15, 2010 5:53 am

Oh you poor sexless AI, I wish I could pat your shoulder and give you a bourbon, but I'd go right through you. Ah well, free drinks for everyone else!
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PostSubject: Re: Unyielding Eventide   

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Unyielding Eventide
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