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 Tensions rise between Occitan and Talibar

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PostSubject: Tensions rise between Occitan and Talibar   Sat Nov 20, 2010 11:22 pm

Tensions rise between Occitan and Talibar
Date: Nov 20
Author: Arthur Ridgewell
Tensions have risen between the native-born Surna population and persons of Occitan descent today after talks between an Occitanian envoy and the office of the Governor ended in violence, resulting in the death of an Occitanian Ambassador and the hospitalization of Governor Alfred Hook, who is reported to have been just brought out of critical condition.

Initial, panicked reports of a possible Occitan coup led to a series of racially motivated hate crimes against persons of Occitan descent, but were ultimately unfounded. People now worry about the possible consequences the death of an Occitanian diplomat might bring.

Governor Hook had this to say.

"Any reports of direct Occitanian ill-will are unfounded...the honorable and, unfortunately, now late Ambassador Ernst Brandt came on the good will of the Kaiser towards the people of Talibar. However, violence came after Ambassador Brandt's increasingly belligerent escort purposefully destroyed a bust of our late Emperor Maylarn, may he rest in peace. The death of Ambassador Brandt was, unfortunately, unavoidable, as he was cut down by his own enraged escort."

Governor Hook went on to say he holds hopes that this unfortunate incident could be overlooked as a simple, tragic series of events, and hopes that Talibar and Occitan could return to the bargaining table in hopes of establishing truly open trade between both nations. He also wished to affirm that, "The actions of one or two irresponsible soldiers, no matter rank, distinction, or ability, does not reflect poorly on the proud and strong nation of Occitan or their wise Kaiser."

Every effort is being made to return Ambassador Brandt's body to his native and beloved Occitan.

Governor Hook is expected to make a full recovery.
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PostSubject: Re: Tensions rise between Occitan and Talibar   Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:39 am

What the shit it's in Wraith...

Nevermind, FireFox script was changed.

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Tensions rise between Occitan and Talibar
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