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 Orolto Hghakik

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PostSubject: Orolto Hghakik   Mon Nov 22, 2010 4:09 pm


"A brave warrior fights for honor, a smart warrior fights for peace."

Orolto Hghakik
(Oh-rol-toh Higg-ha-kick)




Hektari II

Born under the warrior caste of his people, Orolto lived in a time of peace and prosperity. For years the city state he lived in, hidden deep in the jungles, kept peace with all the neighboring tribes. Since he was a hatchling, Orolto listened to the stories of the Elders. They told of how only a few generations ago, a Raptorvarius taught in the ways of cold space navigation lead many of his people on an expedition into the stars. The story always ended the same "He never came back, his name and the brave others who came with him is with the stars."

Many years later, the T'Ack'Mul found Hektari II to be full of valuable ship building mineral and a good place for colonization with it's damp environment, and were interested in a UTC crash site in an abandoned shrine temple. They invaded, and the small villages burned to the ground. All tribes retreated to safety into the large fortresses and cities hidden away in the jungles. Orolto lead a resistance for 2 years in the jungles and rainforests surrounding the deeper jungles hiding their civilization.

One day he came across the UTC Constellation's scout team looking for their lost captain, and they found Orolto first. With shaky beginnings, Cer'Relaan repaired a T'Ack'Mul rebreather with a translator built in for Orolto to use. After establishing they were not allies of the T'Ack'Mul, he offered to help them fight the T'Ack'Mul in other fronts. Because of his interest in the folklore told to him long ago, he went with them to their ship.

Follows a code of honor. Very defendant of his pride and honor. Will accept any challenge against him for his honor, but otherwise does not fight or try to harm anyone who isn't causing trouble or fighting against the UTC.

Yellow eyes, green/dark green camouflaged skin, claws, large head with dull teeth. 8 feet hunched over, 10 feet standing upright.

Equipment and weapons:
Primitive ranged weapon that fires large, inaccurate slugs, blade attached on the underside.
Warrior armor (in pic).
T'Ack'Mul rebreather/translator.

Assist in fighting the T'Ack'Mul.

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Orolto Hghakik
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