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 Welcome to OldenRP! (Read this if you are new)

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PostSubject: Welcome to OldenRP! (Read this if you are new)   Thu Mar 19, 2009 8:49 pm

Dear Reader,

I understand you may be new to Olden Roleplay. I'd like to say a few words to you!

Welcome to the community! Enjoy your stay and make sure you know the rules, regulations, and how to play OldenRP. Once you do that, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself very much.

I am GeoWulf. The founder, once-leader(now the assistant administrator which is basically like the assistant manager), and programmer for Olden Roleplay. I've been a part of not one, but -several- roleplay communities across -several- different games, including Tribes 2, EverQuest, Neverwinter Nights, and Garry's Mod. You can read more about me, here.

You can also learn about the members here. Feel free to introduce yourself as-well!

OldenRP was founded by a spark.... I got a simple, small idea, and dreamed about it.
One day, I created it. I mixed some ideas from other MMO's and RPG's and added countless new ingredients to concoct the roleplay community you are reading about today. We're free, open minded, we accept ideas, and we're a friendly bunch. Make yourself at home!

Here's a small guide to getting into Olden:

    1. The server has custom files that you probably won't see unless you download the content pack(s). You can get them here: Server Files

    2. Olden Roleplay has a STEAM Community group. I'd recommend that you join it so we can find and contact you easier. Olden Roleplay Community

    3. Olden is a unique world. Some may be confused on how it works, because they are used to a different genre of RPG, or game, possibly. You should read what it is all about in this thread: OLDENRP Basic Information

    4. Feel free to browse through our lore and information in this section: [Information] Olden Library Feel free to contribute your own ideas for lore!

    4. Be sure to post your characters in the Characters section of the forums, don't be afraid to be creative, but be sure to read the FORMAT.

    5. If you've got a story to tell, something that happened in game, or maybe something that didn't happen but you still wrote it, can be posted in the Stories section.

    6. Did you pose something, or take a picture of something related or unrelated to Olden? Great! Show it off in Pictures and Poses.

    7. Want something changed? Added? Removed? Got a good idea that might just improve the OldenRP experience? Post it in Recommendations.

    8. Read all the rules for the community. The Rules - Key to a Great RP Experience

    9. OldenRP is a SERIOUS Roleplay community. If you're lost on what that means, or want to know what "Serious" is, check in the Guides to Roleplaying section.

    10. Know who to trust, respect, go to help for, and listen to. The Admins are your friends.

    11. Check out the Factions! Maybe join one while you're at it. Note, you need to read the policies in their sections so you know how they work.

    12. If you really -have- to be irrelevant, do it in the Off-Topic section of the forums.

    13. News can help inform you on what's going on, including real-world events, OldenRP related events, (updates, and such) and just stuff worth telling about. News and Announcements

    14. If you feel somebody needs to be banned, post in the Bans/Unbans section.

    15. Applications are required for abilities, weapons, and magical powers.

Once that's all said and done, you can join the server.

Have fun!
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Welcome to OldenRP! (Read this if you are new)
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