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 Damien Kross

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He Who Wears Sunglasses at Night

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PostSubject: Damien Kross   Damien Kross Icon_minitimeSat Jan 01, 2011 4:27 pm

"Some people say I have a blood-lust, I like to call it a hobby."

Damien Kross Pirate


Height: 1.70 m (5'11")
Hair: Light Blond
Beard: Nothing but a hint of stubble
Eyes: Blue
Physique: Well Built
Distinguishing Features: The skin on his back is dry and cracked; from exposure to demonic magics.


Age: 31
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Birthplace: Imperia
Personality: Lax, unappreciative, ambitious.

Diety: None
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

-Backstory Blurb-
Growing up in Imperia, Damien was in training as an Imperial Legionnaire, starting at a young age. Due to complications that Damien refuses to discuss, he chose to leave, instead wandering around Imperia, eventually crossing paths with Warick Nottel, where the rest of his story his explained on his bio.

-Noteworthy Skills-

Two Weapon Combat:
More or less, Damien's only skill. While his strength and agility are no more impressive than any other man, Damien displays an overpoweringly strong and aggressive fighting style while brandishing any two weapons, provided the weapons are usable in such a manner. His combat skill may be mundane in a world of magic and demons, but his unyielding offensive fighting style often solves problems where his resourcefulness does not.

Damien's fighting style is at its best when wielding two weapons, in which the off-hand weapon is lightweight, like a short-sword. This combat style appears reckless in the eye of an observer, but is instead maximized in offense, often breaking through a foe's defenses in seconds, and bringing magical weaving to a dead halt.
-| | | | | | | | \ \ -

Magic Resistance & Supernatural Willpower:
Magic can often be unpredictable, especially when used by a demonologist. As Warick, a warlock, is Damien's closest and oldest friend, Damien has been exposed to a great amount of demonic magics, and as an unpredictable result, has gained an innate magical resistance, and his willpower provide protection against certain conditions.

This power provides a magic resistance uncommon within human culture, comparable to that of a vampire's. Damien is highly resistant to stun, sleep and fear effects.
-| | | | | \ \ \ \ \ -

Combat Information
Threat Assessment: Dangerous
Class: Melee Fighter
*Not much more is to be said about Damien's combat strength that has not already been said. A powerful physical offense paired with a rare magical defense proves to often be surprising and too much to handle for most foes.

-Noteworthy Inventory-

Armour: A fine, heavy white cloth tunic with plenty of space to fit a sheathed weapon.

Silver Handaxe:

Damien spent most of his fortune that he gained from adventuring into having this hand axe commissioned by a traveling smith from Kerodil. Although this is Damien's off-hand weapon of choice, it is lightweight, forged from quality silver, and is masterwork by design.

Gemmed Steel Longsword:
By sheer luck during his travels, Damien came across a finely crafted longsword with several gems of Cordonium in the hilt. The weapon is sturdy and well-made, but aside from the gems for possible enchantment in the future, it is nothing special.

Character Tropes

To be Done.

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PostSubject: Re: Damien Kross   Damien Kross Icon_minitimeSat Jan 01, 2011 4:45 pm

Dual-wielding berserker pirate ey?

I accept.
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Arrogant Prick of an Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Damien Kross   Damien Kross Icon_minitimeSat Jan 01, 2011 4:56 pm

Well there's little explanation to the scars on his back, or really any backstory at all. Skills seem fine though, and I'm sure Psyche has some sort of plan for this character, otherwise he wouldn't have made it. So I'll accept.
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PostSubject: Re: Damien Kross   Damien Kross Icon_minitimeSat Jan 01, 2011 5:26 pm

accept because

Damien Kross Rfydtsrhm_1284917496343
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PostSubject: Re: Damien Kross   Damien Kross Icon_minitimeSat Jan 01, 2011 6:02 pm

Accept because it's Psyche, who could RP an OP char and have him be underpowered.
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Damien Kross
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