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 Warick Notteel

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Warick Notteel Warlock1

"They said true power came from love. They obviously hadn't met me."

Full Name: Warick Notteel
Nickname: War;
- Contraction of first name; Could also mean "War" as in combat, used to refer to his love for killing and destroying.
Age: 31
Height: 1.70 m (5"7')
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Imperia, Talibar.
Faction association: N/A


  • Warlock pact

    { | | | | | | | | | | }

    Warick is not like most magic users. While most simply study spells and use specialized techniques to cast them, Warick has made a pact with a demon lord from the Nine Hells themselves. Warick has leased his soul to thos powerful entity in return for the ability to summon the powers of the Nine Hells. These magics are not called upon by using any conventional weave which requires knowledge. Instead his "invocations" are called upon by sheer strength of will.
    With the iron will and determination that could match any God in existance, Warick can call upon many different spells from beyond the mortal plane.

    Although he uses mostly dark energy, Warick can also call upon the very fire of the Hells themselves, which burns hotter than any flame known to man. Although this is a very rare occurance, as the pact includes human sacrifice in exchange for the ability to use the Hellfire. For this, Warick has a seal seared into his palm. Any previously living flesh or blood that touches this seal will be offered to the demon lord. And if accepted, will allow brief access to Hellfire.

    The pact Warick has forged is with the Demon Lord Samael of the Nine Hells. This pact leases part of Warick's soul to Samael for as long as Warick has access to the powers. This pact makes his magic use very much different from most others.
    Instead of going by knowledge about the magical energies and such and then using this knowledge to assemble spells, Warick uses his will to cast the invocations. He wills a spell to shoot forth from his hands, and it does.
    Although he is limited due to this. Since Samael is the one allowing him use to the energy, and the energy comes straight from the Nine Hells itself, and as thus the power he can summon is limited in that when he has mastered it, he will not be equally as strong as normal magic users.

    Below is a list of invocations that Warick currently has at his disposal.

    • Blast of the Eldritch

      Warick calls forth a large amount of unholy arcane energy, which forms into a ball ready to throw at anything or anyone. When this "ball" is thrown, it creates a long trail of unholy energy that slowly dissipates. The ball burns any flesh it comes in contact with, effectively creating third degree burns. It also exerts a kinetic force strong enough to send most opponents to the ground, and even smash doors in half. The force is transferred from the ball just as it is from a fist.
      This is the "vanilla version" of the eldritch blast, which is the base for all of Warick's invocations. All his invocations change this blast in some way or form.

      --Eldritch blast affecting invocations--

    • Force of the Fallen

      The blast of eldritch exchanges it burning properties for a much stronger force instead. The force of this blast can reach such high levels as being able to blow a large hole in a brick wall. The force is determined by the time Warick has to prepare the spell.

      --Other invocations--

    • Darkness

      Summons a large cloud of pure darkness that surrounds Warick in a 20 meter (65 feet) radius. Anyone inside this cloud will see nothing but darkness. The magical darkness is not illuminated by torches or any conventional fire. Low-light seeing or other non-magic dark visions do not work. The only way to see inside this cloud is using either the flame of Kossuth himself, silver fire, or a potent magical dark-seeing spell.

    • Sight of the demon lord

      Waricks vision turns into that of a supernatural for roughly five minutes. During these five minutes, Warick can see in absolute and total darkness (including the magical darkness mentioned above), as well as see magical energies and invisible beings.

    • Voice of the Forsaken

      Warick disembodies his voice and embeds it directly inside the mind of the struck creature or individual. Warick can from there proceed to speak to the target, but he can not hear their thoughts. This lasts until cancelled by Warick or dispelled through use of holy magic.

      --Hellfire invocations--

      (Note that all of these invocations require the sacrifice of blood or flesh to the demon lord through Warick's seal. Should he fail to sacrifice any flesh or blood from another person, he himself will be consumed.)

    • Hellfire blast

      Works just as Warick's regular blast, although instead of dark energy it utilizes the fires of hell themselves. The fire of the Hells burn hotter than any other fire at the amazing temperature of 1,200 degrees celsius (2192 degrees Fahrenheit). This blast is very dangerous, and threatens to incinerate or set alight anyone in its path. (Requires one sacrifice per cast)

    • Shield of Hellfire

      Creates a barrier of Hellfire around Warick or anywhere he wishes. The shield can either wrap around him entirely, or create a barrier within a range of 20 meters (65 feet). This barrier remains for 1 minute or until Warick dispells it. (Requires one sacrifice per cast)

    • Gift of the Hellfire Lord

      Through his channeling of Hellfire, Warick's body has adapted to temperatures far beyond that of most mortal. He is immune to regular fire and can ignore the temperatures of the Hellfire he summons himself. The only fire that has any affect on his body is Hellfire summoned by someone else. This also has the effect of raising his body temperature to that of 65 degrees celsius. Where this would be lethal to him otherwise, the gift from his pact keeps him alive at this temperature. (Passive ability; active without need for sacrifice)

  • World history & lore

    { | | | | | | | | | | }

    Warick has always been interested in reading about the history of the world, and as thus he has great knowledge of it. He takes great pride in his knowledge of the world, and will not pass up an opportunity on giving a history lesson to anyone nearby.

Biography: Not much to tell about Warick's background. He was a calm kid. Kept mostly to himself. Loved to read books about magic and the arcane. Very uneventful childhood. Aside from his distinct love and fascination for demons and other dark lords, he was a normal child. He stayed instead and read books all day.
His parents weren't surprised when he signed up to join the local magic school at the age of 6. Here he tried hard to study the "proper" arcane arts, as the tutors called it. But it was apparant that this boy sought more than just the ordinary magic available to all mortars. The tutors caught him exactly 21 times with reading books about Demons, dark magic and the Hells before he had even turned 12.
Of course the tutors were worried about the future for the boy, and immediatly put him into special tutoring by an old master. At age 14 Warick was kicked out of the school for attacking his special tutor with a table knife. When he returned home, his parents were very disappointed in him, and they seemed depressed and stoic whenever around him.
He moved out at age 16. This is when he began hanging out more and more with a certain friend he had known all his life. Damien.
Damien was a tough young lad, and always liked to get into fights. He got Warick into countless bar fights during their time hanging out, and the both became closer with every one.

At the age of 18, Warick had read a book containing a special ritual for calling a Demon Lord from the Nine Hells itself. Eager to attempt it, and with a complete disregard for his own safety, he begun the ritual right in his kitchen.
As the Demon Lord stepped out of the portal, it immediatly tried to attack Warick. And Warick of course did what any man would do. He panicked. He began bolting around the room, avoiding the demon with narrow margin. This continued for a good ten minutes before Warick yelled at it to stop and hear his proposition.
As the demon stopped and simply stared at him, Warick began talking about his deep admiration for the Nine Hells and the demons within. He proposed a deal to the Demon Lord.
"Give me the power of the Nine Hells itself, and I will lease you my soul." The Demon Lord of course knew how much souls mattered, and accepted this offer.

With the pact bound in blood, the Demon Lord seared a seal into Warick's right palm, which he would use for offerings to the Demon Lord. These offerings would in turn allow him to use the powers of Hellfire itself.

A few years later, Warick and Damien went out for a night of drinking and fighting. As usual they got into a bar fight. But it escalated when a group of four men suddenly drew their swords and began slaughtering everyone in the bar.


Once the fight was over and they were outside, they continued running for the entrance of the town. As they finally reached the city gates, they caught up with a merchant caravan, who agreed to take them with them for a few meager coins rent every day.

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Favoured Enemy: Anything standing between him and riches.
Favoured Weapon: His pact.
Deity: Talos The God of Storms, Destruction, Rebellion, Conflagration, Earthquakes, and Vortices..

Current Inventory:
  • One jar of blood.
  • A bloodied ceremonial dagger, covered in strange-looking patterns and runes.
  • Brown monk-like robe.
  • Three pairs of underwear.
  • Four different shirts/tunics.
  • Various books and texts on the Nine Hells and rituals.
  • Brown leather sack;
    • 134 gold coins
    • Copper ring
    • Small bronze chain

Current Task(s):
- Find Zayl Rathman - Stagnant
- Learn more about demons, the planes, and other such things - Eternal
- Stick together with his friends - FAILED

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Warick Notteel
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