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 Sylornath - The Miasmic Scar

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"And our dark lord, like a vision of twisted glory, drew his ebony blade across his breast; and from this miasmic wound he drew a fist of the darkest ichor; 'With this Red Drink I tie the strands of a new realm, one anointed in fire and pain.' And he smeared this drink against the heavens, a scar to mimic his own. Brought screaming from the poisonous ichor and bits of swollen fresh came the lowest form of daemon, singing in the birthing pains of this new realm; from the flesh drawn from his breast sprouted the Archfiends, a darkest brood; and from the strangled love makings of our lord's greatest fury came the lords Bane and Bhaal, twins of flesh and mind.... 'Behold,' he spoke, 'For I have created the symbol of our defiance; a land of greatest fire and darkest glory....
'For so long as I live shall this Dark Pact survive, for my heart is the heart of the world; as long as one beats they cannot be torn asunder, for one was created to satisfy the other."

Excerpt from "The Chronicle of the Dark Pact", unknown author.

Sylornath - The Miasmic Scar Arkanac__sar___baghos_by_lortharian-d2z2hsl

Sylornath; Prince of Demons, Bane of Aeria, Master and Architect of the Supreme Realm of Hell, the Scar drawn across the heavens-- he holds many names, and though he fell at the climax of the God War nearly three thousand years prior, for those few beings that now live that remember his reign, each name is synonymous with death.

He is the Architect of Hell, the dark mind behind its twisted fires; according to legend, following a self inflicted wound, he forged the realm from his own flesh, with the first demons crawling from this same wound to populate it. He is the Prince of Demons, warping the wayward immortals left behind in the wake of the Celestial Conflict to be creatures of war, pain, and madness; all true-blooded demons trace their flesh to their rebirth in his fiery ichor.

He is the Bane of Aeria, the 'Scar Drawn across the Heavens'. Perhaps the greatest mass murderer in the history of the universe, his atrocities include the utter immolation of the entire Sidan continent, once a vibrant jungle; the genocide of the Naga, reducing an empire and species to a few, straggling, dying, cities; the sacking of Kar'rasa; the immolation of four of the eight elven isles, forcing the Elves into a slow decline that has lasted two thousand years; the destruction of the avatar of Helm at the Black Pyramid; the rape and murder of Azuth, architect of the weave.

His reign was ended at the climax of the God War when his realm was besieged by the forces of Light. He faced the avatars of Aten and Tyr in open, celestial combat at the heart of his realm before ultimately being defeated. In defeat, Tyr tore his soul from the scar on his chest and flung it into the fires of the World Storm, to be utterly destroyed, his memory wiped from history.

However, Sylornath's legacy still remains, as the Scar across the Heavens, Hell, still burns. Whenever mortal men fear the fires of hell or the steel of demons, they are touched by his everlasting legacy.

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Sylornath - The Miasmic Scar
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