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 The Occitanian Order

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(The Occitanian Order)
We shall not draw our dying breath before the last Auslander draws his, we promise you this, unsere Kaiser!
The Occitanian Order Dismounted_ritterbruder_info

The Order are Army and Legion troops who have proved themselves so well on the battlefield that they have been qualified to become the Kaiser's finest. Their duties vary greatly from chapter to chapter, where some are tasked with defending the Royal Palace and others are tasked with hunting demons and mages. They are often called into war to fight alongside the Army and or the Legion, as they are battle-hardened veterans to the core who would not even think about dying themselves before they have vanquished every single foe of the Kaiser on the field.
They come equipped with whatever armour and weapons they wish, and the blacksteel armouries and factories cater to their every want. They also wear as their very own unique Order helmet they are allowed to design themselves. A tradition amongst the men is to add different kinds of horns or ornaments to them, and there are currently no order members without this kind of helmet.

The current Grossmeister of the Occitanian order is Sir Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Borgward, The Honourable Grossmeister, Touched by the Saints, Most Loyal Follower of the Kaiser, the Master of the Occitanian Order.

Oath: I, brother *NAME* do profess and promise chastity, giving up all property, and obedience to the Saints and the Blessed Kaiser Wilhelm von Occitan and to you, Sir Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Borgward, The Honourable Grossmeister of the Occitanian Order, Touched by the Saints, Most Loyal Follower of the Kaiser, the Master of the Occitanian Order, and to your successors, according to the Rules and Regulations of the Order. And I will be obedient to you, and to your successors. Even when death shallt stare me in the eyes and demand my life, I will refuse him, and state that I am a servant of the Kaiser and the Saints, and only when they bid my death shall I be at peace.

Below follows a list of Occitanian Order ranks, following from the lowest to the highest.

  • Sturmmann

  • Rottenführer

  • Unterscharführer

  • Scharführer

    --All below are considered "Officer" ranks--

  • Hauptscharführer

  • Sturmscharführer

  • Untersturmführer

  • Sturmbannführer

  • Oberführer

  • Großmeister

Below is a list of the Order chapters, containing some info on them.

Format explanation:


The Blacksteel Sons


Description: The chapter based in Occitan City who are specialized in warfare alongside the Legion and the Army. Extremely adept at warfare tactics.

Founder: Sir Dreadrich the Feared

Chapterhouse: Occitan City, in close proximity to the White Palace.

Feats of Strength: Have participated in more than 146 battles in Occitan's history.
Is renowned for having the highest kill-count of any of the chapters.
Slayers of the heretic "Kindle".

Relics: The sword of War - The very first blacksteel sword ever forged. A minor fault during the smithing process has given it a vicious blacksteel spike at the end of the blade, which can be used to the wielders advantage in battle.

History: The very first chapter to ever be founded, the Blacksteel Sons had its ranks drawn directly from the most deadly warriors of the Legion and Army, and was widely regarded as a symbol of fear, even to Talibar and Sida.
They fought in countless battles, and their chapter library is filled with chronicles of battles fought by these fearsome warriors. They have pioneered battlefield tactics in Occitan, and most of their more higher-ranking soldiers are expert commanders, while the lower ranks are simply warriors considered the best of the best.

The Unbroken Shields


Description: The defenders of the Kaiser. Extremely adept at holding towns and fortresses from attack.

Founder: Sir Illinford Grosstycke

Feats of Strength: Held the White Palace with nothing but a handful of men against million of traitorous legionaries and peasants in the third Occitanian civil war.
Renowned for keeping the white palace inpenetrable, foiling roughly 15 assassination attempts every day.
Have participated in many defences, and are renowned for being able to defend the most undefendable locations.
The above fact was proved during the second Occitanian civil war, where a loyalist legion commander was struck by a crossbow bolt during a traitor legion charge. The six nearby Shields quickly acted and formed a circle around this officer in the middle of a field, and there they stood until the traitor legion fell back. The archivists counted over 720 kills made by these six, and not a single loss on their side.

Relics: The Unbreakable Shield - A shield masterfully crafted of blacksteel and dyed white. The shield carries the Occitanian Order emblem proudly, and is considered utterly unbreakable.

History: The Unbroken Shields were the fourth chapter to be founded, and was founded to take over defence of the White Palace. The chapter has very picky methods of recruiting, sending out their more prominent members to find the most gifted defenders and offer them the chance to join.
The Shields have been part of defence of every major fortress in the history of Occitan, and even a single one of these soldiers are renowned for being able to construct impenetrable defences.

The Sledgehammers of Fire


Description: Specializing in storming fortresses and taking emplacements/positions. Extremely adept at fightig in urban environments.

Founder: Sir Houratios Junticer

Feats of Strength: Retaking the fortress of Imtor from the heretical traitor legion during the third Occitanian civil war. Thirty men went in and killed everyone inside. Archivists estimate the collective killcount to be between three and four thousand legionaries.

Relics: The Junticer Helmet - A helmet worn by their founding father when he was slain. It is said that the Saints felt Houratios unfit to die, and as thus infused his soul into the helmet through a divine miracle. Whoever wears the helmet will become a fearless warrior of the Sledgehammers, and can take down entire castles by themself.

History: The second chapter to be formed, the Sledgehammers are renowned for their assault tactics when it comes to taking cities and strongholds, and they are believed to have the ability to break any defence known to the mortal world and beyond.

The Feline Hunters


Description: Specializing in hunting kazuths. Extremely adept at instilling fear into any populace through public displays of people being burned at crosses or having their spines torn out.

Founder: Sir Ovant Derangus

Feats of Strength: Single-handedly conducted the mass-genocide on Kazuth around the world roughly 6 years ago.
Archivists have counted their killcount of Kazuths in the millions, a feat no doubt very hard to achieve.

Relics: The Black Cross - A traditional Occitanian Kreuz, but instead of being made from wood it has been constructed out of blacksteel. It has a specially adapted Flammenwerfer system built into it which makes a large jet of flame shoot up from beneath the cross, burning the Kazuth slowly from toe to head.
It is considered an honour for many anti-Occitanian Kazuth freedom fighters to be burned at this cross, as only the most hated Kazuth, often the ones who have taken many Occitanian lives or caused much harm to their war efforts or cities are burned on it.

History: The last chapter to be formed, these men were brought together specifically for the purpose of hunting and executing Kazuths, these men became a symbol of tyranny and fear throughout the world. Nobody knew exactly what drove the Kaiser into hating Kazuths as much as he did, but he commisioned much gold for the founding of this chapter.
It is a well-known fact that these men are masters of psychological warfare, and have the ability to instill fear, and through fear obedience, into any populace.

The Steel Bears


Description: Massive brawny men who can break skulls with their fists. Extremely adept at using massive warhammers and Strassenkampf.

Founder: Sir Grant Lindarm

Feats of Strength: Known for having crushed an entire city with more than four thousand people in it using nothing but their weapons and hands during the third Occitanian civil war. And by crushed, the archivists mean that they tore down every single building and structure entirely, leaving nothing but a flat area filled with broken stones and rotting wooden planks.
These men often take part in Occitanian tournaments, and not a single one of its members has ever lost a fight.

Relics: The Hammer of Lind - A massive war-purposed sledgehammer wrapped in decorations and medals that Sir Grant Lindarm has achieved throughout his time participating in Occitanian wars.

History: Founded as the sixth and second to last chapter, the Bears are the strongest Occitan can muster, and many of them have the strength to be able to crush someone's skull in their palm. They are mostly used by the Sledgehammers in plans where they need to breach gates or sometimes even walls, and are renowned for being brutish and dumb, but still considered one of the more devoted chapters. They hold a deep brotherly love for the Sledgehammers and will carry out their orders as if the Kaiser himself had spoken them.

The Forgotten

Warcry: Unknown.

Description: Little is known about this chapter other then the fact that they dedicate themselves to uprooting enemies of the kaiser who're in hiding. Extremely adept at intimidation and finding information.

Founder: Unknown

Feats of Strength: Unknown

Relics: Unknown

History: A highly secretive chapter, the forgotten are believed to be the fifth chapter to be formed, and specialize in finding heretics hiding within the borders of Occitan. Nobody knows where their chapterhouse is located, and these men are considered by many others to be mere myths.

The Bloodhounds


Description: Hunters of magical beings and demons. Extremely adept at hunting magical entities and handling wardogs.

Founder: Sir Lothar von Weissböde

Feats of Strength: This chapter has slain countless demons and magical beings that few would even dare look at, and archivists estimate their killcount of these magical beasts to be in the thousands.

Relics: Die Retter - Meaning the redeemer in Occitanian, die Retter is a divine two-handed sword granted to the chapter by the Saints. It has the ability to utterly stun magic-wielders as their ability to weave is temporarily removed whenever they come in contact with this weapon. Luckily for the mages of the world this sword is simply up for display in the chapter's chapterhouse.

Fenris - A divine black-furred wolf-like beast with red glowing eyes granted to the chapter by the Saints and trained by the chapter's founder Sir Lothar, Fenris is a never-aging wolf with the divine ability to smell magical beings and traces of magic in the air. He is often used when tracking magical beings, mages and demons over long stretches of land. He is utterly loyal to Sir Lothar, and follows his every command. Fenris only leaves Sir Lothar's side when ordered to.

History: The third chapter to be founded, the Bloodhounds are considered the most elite of the chapters. They face beings that even the Blacksteel Sons would hesitate about fighting, and they kill them without even blinking. They are widely considered the most wise and experienced chapter as they have developed techniques and methods for fighting everything from firemages to massive archdemons, and the methods are very effective.
They are also considered to be the most favoured chapter as they have been granted both Die Retter and Fenris by the Saints.
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The Occitanian Order
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