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 The Right Hand

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The Right Hand TheRightHand

Obedience. Service. For the Night Mistress I live, and for her I will die.

Full Name: Woral Rilust
Nickname: The Right Hand
Age: 28
Height: 1.82 meters.
Gender: Male.
Birthplace: Unknown.
Faction association:

  • Necromancer's Guild

Rank/position: Night Brother; Night Mistress' Right Hand.


  • Close combat

    { | | | | | | | | | | }

    The right hand revels in bloodshed in the mistress' name, and does not shy away from opportunities to prove himself worthy in her name. He is in no way a clean fighter, and will easily do anything to come out victorious.

  • Gift of the Night Mistress

    { | | | | | | | | | }

    The blessing of his mistress is a powerful boon indeed. It allows for the right hand to feel no fear, and his willpower is unshakeable. Effects include;

    • The right hand never feels fear, and will selflessly throw his life away in the name of his mistress.
    • Any attempts at reading the thoughts of the right hand will come up entirely blank.
    • He radiates pure evil, and dark magical energy lingers in the air around him constantly, which gives shadow weave users an easier time casting spells.

Backstory: Nothing is known about this man, and few have ever seen him before.

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Favoured Enemy: All.
Favoured Weapon: None.
Deity: The Night Mistress.

(this character'll be replacing midnight for mundane tasks such as checking in with students/teachers and generally walking around. midnight will rarely ever be played again due to overpoweredness. oh, and this guy's cannon fodder. kill him, and i'll just swap his name and come back as a new hand)

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The Right Hand
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