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PostSubject: THE 88TH IMPERIAL GUARD SIEGE ARMY   Thu Feb 24, 2011 11:06 am


We have no name. We have identificatory numbers.
We have no identity. We have zeal.
We have no friends. We have brothers.
We have no free will. We have the Emperor.
But we do have dreams. One dream, shared between us all.
Be him a grenadier or a Lord-General. We know our purpose and our dream.
Our dream is to die for the Emperor, and to make our death meaningful in His name. We wish to atone our sins, and learn of rightful sacrifice. The only sacrifice that matters is that of us, The Death Korps. We will die. Of this we are sure.
But with our dying breath we will tear down the heavens both ourselves and our enemies.
We will slay the xenos and purge the heretics. We will destroy anything standing against the God-Emperor of Man.
"Why?" you ask. And for that single word you will fall to the ground, my shovel planted deeply in your skull.
You will never know sacrifice like the men of Krieg. You will not know what it is like to have a purpose. You will not know the pride of seeing the Emperor with a paternal smile across his face in your mind as you lay on the battlefield, your life slowly draining. Others speak of sacrifice and loyalty, but they have no idea of what they speak.
In their loneliest hour other Imperial Guard soldiers will pray to the Emperor to deliver them safely from their current place on the battlefield.
We pray for the Emperor for atonement. We pray for him to grant us a glorious death so our ancestors may once be forgiven for what they did.
After the battle is won other Imperial Guard soldiers count the living and see these men as the greatest.
We count our losses and honour these men as the greatest, for they have realised their dreams, and finished their service to the Imperium.
When looking around the transport, other Imperial Guard soldiers see friends and commanders.
We see brothers striving for a common goal. We see fraternity and brotherhood of such magnitude not even the Adeptus Astarte see.

While other soldiers will simply refuse to die, we accept it. We do not fear death, and as thus we are the greatest the Imperium have to offer.

Eldar, Tau, Orks, Chaos. All of them will cave in because of OUR sacrifices. We wish that we will not be here to see that day. We wish that we will all be dead when this day comes, for only then will we have accomplished our final goal.

We are the Death Korps of Krieg, and we have a dream.

Cold, fatalistic and grim, the Krieg regiments are the most dedicated force known to man, going as far as to doom their own home planet with nuclear purging to eradicate the enemies of the Emperor.
They are most famous for never flinching, even in the face of sudden death and they see their deaths in war as penance for the heresy of their ancestors years before. They are a dedicated trench and siege warfare force and perform best in wars of attrition. The Death Korps of Krieg regiments routinely volunteer for tours of service in the most dangerous warzones in the Imperium which means they have earned a fierce reputation across the galaxy. They excel in trench and siege warfare but have taken part in various different actions across many campaigns such as the Taros Campaign, the Third War for Armageddon, the Atria Wilderness Campaign and the Vorenz III Campaign to name but a few. They can be counted on over most other Imperial regiments to hold their ground and when advancing prefer a massive offensive over an extended front with a rolling barrage artillery support. Many Krieg regiments are adept raiders of entrenched positions should a massed offensive be impractical or require the softening up of enemy positions before any such offensive can take place. The fact that the Death Korps of Krieg are known for unconditional loyalty and ruthlessness in prosecuting their wars mainly comes from the atomic purging that the 33rd Krieg Infantry under the command of Colonel Jurten inflicted on their own planet during the civil war, a fact that the Death Korps of Krieg in general and the 33rd Krieg Infantry in particular are very proud of.

In 433.M40, the Autarch of the planet Krieg in Segmentum Tempestus declared himself independent from the Imperium and renounced the Emperor as his divine master. Krieg was then locked in civil war. Much of Krieg quickly fell to the rebels except for Hive Ferrograd which came under the command of the now infamous Colonel Jurten of the Krieg 83rd Imperial Guard. Under strict orders to not let Krieg fall but with the promise that no fleet on the scale that was needed to invade a planet was available Jurten decided that Krieg would either belong to the Emperor or to no one. On the day of the feast of the Emperors Ascension Jurten unleashed a counter attack of atomic cleansing that was to turn into a great purging. For days Krieg was engulfed in a sea of nuclear fire. Krieg's ecosystem collapsed and the planet was engulfed in a nuclear winter. But the civil war dragged on. The survivors from Jurten's purging were forced to exist in underground bunkers or deep in the radioactive chem-wastes, as their descendants do to this day. From the self-annihilation of their home world, loyalist troops slowly retook their world inch by inch over 500 years. From this the Death Korps were born. Krieg was finally returned to the Imperial rule in 949.M40

Recruitment for members of the Death Korps of Krieg is similar to many other Imperial worlds throughout the Imperium and conscription depends on varying circumstances. Most who join generally do so out of a sense of duty and as a way to atone for the previous rebellion against the Emperor. Officers ranks are difficult to obtain, as with certain regiments of the Death Korps one must work his or her way up the ranks from the bottom.
To ensure that only the toughest and best make it into the regiment, training is brutal and quickly weeds out the weak and unworthy. For this reason the regiment is able to maintain its famous standard of discipline and selflessness. Gasmasks are conventionally viewed as a second skin, as soldiers are trained to permanently operate with them if required. Fear of failure, and the ceaseless devotion to duty, honour and the Emperor are instilled in new recruits to make certain that they will stand their ground in combat under any situation. Mental conditioning is the key part of their training so soldiers are prepared for the horrors on the battlefield and beyond.
It should be noted that Krieg raises an unusually large number of regiments for a devastated planet. This is attributed to the use of the "Vitae Womb" birthing technique, which Krieg has been granted special dispensation to use as the result of their famous steel, determination and unswerving loyalty to the Emperor. Use of this technique is largely unknown and generally seen as dangerous and abhorrent by the Adeptus Mechanicus Biologis.

The standard issue Lasgun in service with regiments of Krieg is the no. 98 Lucius Pattern Lasgun. Its power pack operates in the 21 megathule range. This is a much higher charge than many other more common patterns of Lasgun. This gives the weapon more punch, but drains the powepack after only 25 shots. The weapon is single shot only and has a slower recharge rate than many other Lasguns, however it is judged that the additional stopping power of the gun more than makes up for this. The barrel of the weapon is fitted with distinctive heat sink rings to help dissipate the enormous additional heat this high powered Lasweapon generates under sustained fire. The weapons furniture (stock and foregrip) are typically made of synthetic wood, although metal variants are known.

All Krieg guardsmen come equipped with a single standard issue no. 38 frag grenade, but squads are issued more upon attacks.

The soldiers of Krieg are also carry a 45cm long sword-bayonet. This heavy bladed, razor-sharp knife is meant to be the Kriegers' only close-combat weapon, but nearly all engineers and many standard soldiers of Krieg have a tendency to use their standard-issue shovel when being attacked in their trenches or when assaulting enemy positions.
All Krieg guardsmen are extremely proficient with the bayonet due to bayonet-drills practised from an extremely young age. The Kriegers are so proficient with their bayonets that many commanders have remarked that the bayonets are practically the regiments main weapon, and that it is more effective at driving the enemy from their position than even the heaviest of artillery barrages or most experienced of heavy weapons platoons.

The Death Korps uniform is very distinct thanks to its heavy greatcoat. It is manufactured on Krieg from a hardwearing thick cloth and procuded in a variety of colours, from dark green to brown, greys and black. The great coat provides limited protection, but is also heavily chemically impregnated against chemical and biological attack - an unfortunate side effect of this is the pungent smell emitted.
The greatcoat is completely waterproof and very warm, and as thus is very useful when deployed to colder climates. The great coat is double breasted and includes brass buttons, a pair of which allow the coat's front to be turned back and folded behind the Kriegers legs to allow for greater mobility in combat.
Death Korps units prefer to use Meltaguns and Heavy Bolters, but also have access to Mortars, Heavy Stubbers, Lascannons, Autocannons and Flamers. As with most Imperial Guard their standard issue individual weapon is the Lasgun and many carry a Laspistol. The multi purpose knife carried by all members of the Death Korps is a bayonet but also a field tool. The citizens of Krieg are gloomy but hard working, and this is reflected in the weapons and equipment used by the Death Korps which is very utilitarian compared to many Imperial Guard regiments, but ultimately, fit for purpose.

All the guardsmen of Krieg are issued with their distinctive respirator units. The respirator comprises of three elements;
The gasmask, the hose, and the respirator regulator unit, which is worn on the chest.
The regulator unit is easily a Krieg guardsman's most complex piece of equipment. It contains particle filters, a battery powered fan which draws air into the regulator, through the filters and then forces itu p the breathing pipe. The advantage of this being that the breathing aparatus works via 'positive pressure', blowing clean air into the gasmask. Should the system be compromised, then the constant flow will force air out of any hole, and not draw it in, thus helping prevent toxic particles entering the system.
As well as particle filters, the regulator also samples the air for toxic agents and will automatically introduce antidote chemicals into the air supply to be inhaled by the soldiers. The regulator's satchel also contains a water flask which feeds into the gasmask. The water supply is supplemented by soluble stimulants and nutrient tablets, which allow the guardsmen to operate beyond human physical norms.
The respirator unit has no oxygen supply, so oxygen must be present for the soldier to breathe. The exterior display panel allows officers to see how well the regulator is functioning and other guardsmen to see how toxic the atmosphere is.

Appearance-wise, the Death Korps are similar to the Armageddon Steel Legion, but have darker colors, and their masks usually have a skull motif. Of all the regiments of the Guard, they are the most grim and fatalistic, both in appearance and in spirit due to the 500 years of atomic purging the inhabitants of their home world inflicted on themselves. Uniform cut and design is almost consistent throughout the entire Death Korps but colours can vary from regiment to regiment and the officer ranks tend to have slightly more ornate uniforms than the rank and file. Spiked helmets are famously worn by the Death Korps of Krieg however this is rarely the case, but many troops maintain the tradition either with improvised spikes or, less commonly, older issues of the spiked helmet that have survived and been passed down through families.



Commisar-general Maugh is the most battle-hardened and experienced commisar in the entire 88th Siege Army, and is often seen at Lord-General Hage's side, except for in battle, where he can be found on front line, leading the men.


Lord-General Hage is the main commander of the 88th Siege Army and as thus the highest ranking officer.


Captain Jarkell, a grenadier of the 179th Siege Regiment of the 8th Assault Korps, can be found in whatever trench is closest to the enemy. He is well-known amongst the Krieg legions for his incredible feats of strength and bravey, one of which includes rushing straight through enemy fire, jumping up onto a hostile Leman Russ tank and proceeding to kill the crew inside using nothing but his hands and his bayonet, which he wielded separate from his weapon.

When questioned by members of other Imperial Guard regiments how he musters the courage to do such things, he simply responded,
"I rush into death hoping the Emperor will grant me a meaningful one in His name. He has yet to, and I am ashamed of this. Tell me not of my exploits, because until I am dead they are nothing but a disgrace to the Imperium."


Captain Barjnak is an engineer, and the commander of the 101st Siege Regiment of the 11th Assault Korps.
Engineers handle the more advanced tools such as wirecutters, the building of specialized structures like bunkers, and oversee the digging of trenches and setting of miscellaneous emplacements. He is well-known for his ability to set up impenetrable maze-like defences of minefields, trenches, and heavy weapon emplacements.

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