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 Tau Sa'cea Sept

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PostSubject: Tau Sa'cea Sept   Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:41 pm

Sa'cea Sept

[FLUFF] Sa'cea is a hot, densely populated Tau world. It is highly militarised and has one of the greatest proportion of fire warriors in the Tau Empire. It was one of the first colonies when the Tau expanded after pushing the imperial fleet out of their space and henceforth is classed as a major sept.

They are a military world, and as such also train Gue'la amongst others.

Recently an etheral on T'au prophesized a great battle culminating on an imperial world ripe for the taking. As such the tau dispatched a small scout force to Corleonis. When this was defeated by an unexpected Ork horde, the Tau dispatched reinforcements.

Bzzzt....-Transmission Delta 5-5 FC... Fsszzt

Sa'cea standing forces have evacuated. Tau fleet has left orbit. Ascension has been deployed under the command of Shas'O Kais for the Fire Caste.

Fzzzssst.... -Transmission Lost- ...

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Tau Sa'cea Sept
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