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 Soul Drinkers - Excommunicate Traitoris

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PostSubject: Soul Drinkers - Excommunicate Traitoris   Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:28 am

‘How can we tell our friends from our enemies?'

'It is said that all but our own battle-brothers will become our enemies in the end.'
- Daenyathos, Catechisms Martial

Chapter History

The Soul Drinkers do not fit the standard template of Excommunicate Traitoris. Unlike most Renegade chapters which have devoted themselves to the Chaos gods, the Soul Drinkers despise the Ruinous Powers as much if not more than they hate the Imperium that cast them out. Instead, they have developed an ideology that states that the Imperium has betrayed everything the Emperor has stood for; so they still fight the powers of chaos even though they disagree with what the Imperium now stands for. Some within the Chapter think that the Imperium should be destroyed for the good of mankind.

It began with an operation to obtain one of the Chapter's lost relics, the great Soulspear, a weapon used by Rogal Dorn during the Great Crusade, from a criminal organization that had come to possess it. Just as the 300 Soul Drinkers had taken the orbital defense platform where the relic was being held, and were about to reclaim the Spear, supporting Adeptus Mechanicus forces teleported into the vault it was stored in and made off with the Spear before the Soul Drinkers could react. The Soul Drinkers then fortified the platform and demanded the return of their relic, but it had already been passed along to another vessel that was en route to a Forge World. The Mechanicus then revealed a great siege cannon from their starship, and forced the Soul Drinkers to board and destroy the Mechanicus weapon before it could be used against them, slaying thousands of Tech-Guard in the process before fleeing aboard their two Strike Cruisers.

The Inquisition, caring not for the reasons why, saw only that the Soul Drinkers had attacked another Imperial institution and demanded they surrender themselves. After Sarpedon's refusal, the entire Chapter was declared Excommunicate Traitoris.

Current Chapter Condition

Since the events above, the Soul Drinkers have been ravaged by Chapter War, and multiple other engagements, including the slaying of two Daemon Lords on their home planets, the destruction of a Necron Scarab, Monolith, and the raiding of a Necron tomb world which ended in the destruction of a C'tan. Not to mention other incidents involving Necrons, Traitor Marines, Loyal Marines and the Inquisition. These acomplishments, while great, have left the chapter numbers dwindling at around ~250, just under a quater capacity. Now, Sarpedon commandeers the Brokenback; a Space Hulk they took command of when it presented itself in an opportune manner. Their primary concerns include repopulating the Chapter, and drilling planets for the necessary materials of which can be used as fuel for the Brokenback.


Typical Soul Drinker armour layout. Not necessarily a typical Soul Drinker marine, as their close tangle with Chaos left many marines altered in some way - mutated.

Typical Soul Drinker Assault Marine.

Appearance of Librarian-Commander Sarpedon.

Reference for appearance of Space Hulk. [Not specifically the Brokenback, just rough apperance]

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Soul Drinkers - Excommunicate Traitoris
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