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List of currently known animals of Ara'ki. Send suggestions and shit to Pat if you've got an idea for a neat animal to add in, just like the creatures part of the lore, more or less.

Ara'Ki Fauna Quadruped

The Dreen
Dreen are a common species of carnivorous animal located in the swampland of Ara'ki. They stand nearly five feet tall and weigh roughly 900 lbs, about the same as a fully grown horse, despite their smaller size. Many believe these creatures to be a twisted descendant of the centaur, though their recent discovery and general secretive nature means that little is known about them. Eye witness reports state that they can move incredibly quick, even in the muddiest of terrain. This may due to their wide, flat hooves which not only allows for greater traction in the mud, but also keeps them from sinking down into the soil. It is believed they hunt in smaller packs of two or three, first corralling their prey into an open expanse of marsh and then running them down with a sudden burst of speed. Their only form of defense other than their speed seems to be a set of razor sharp teeth housed inside a disturbingly human-like head which they use to slice deep cuts in their prey before pulling back, waiting for loss of blood to eventually bring their query to it's knees, where upon they move in once again to feast on the flesh of the animal who is more often then not still conscious for several moments after collapsing. Experience shows, however that despite these fierce predator's reputation it is quite easy to hunt dreen, as they seem unafraid of humans and will not run if an armed hunter comes within arrow-range. The meat, however is considered undesirable and, while nutritious it is often tough, lean and tasteless.

Ara'Ki Fauna Sheathflat-500x371

The Braken
The Braken was originally used (and created) as a beast of burden to the ancient Nephalem people, surviving past their collapse and then moving out into the wilds of Ara'Ki. They are one of the larger creatures of Ara'Ki, being slightly shorter than a full grown elephant and somewhat longer. Despite this they are quite fleet of foot and can navigate any of Ara'ki's many diverse environments with the exception of it's mountainous slopes. As their size would dictate, the Braken require a large amount of food to sustain themselves and, being omnivores, they are far from picky, eating just about anything their robust digestive systems can handle, which ranges from pine needles to the bones of creatures. However, though the Braken eat meat, they seldom engage in active hunting, their size and low intelligence making them useless at any sort of co-ordinated pack behavior.

It should be noted that the Braken is highly prized for it's flesh which, thanks to it's diverse diet is packed full of nutrients and vitamins, though this is offset by the amount of effort and danger required to take down one of these beasts, the technique of such having not been mastered by anyone save the three tribes native to Ara'Ki.

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Ara'Ki Fauna
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