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 Ara'Ki Flora

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PostSubject: Ara'Ki Flora   Mon Jul 25, 2011 3:50 am

Currently known plants of Ara'ki, got an idea? Run it over with Pat or whoever's handy.

Name: Philosopher tail

Location: Commonly found in virtually all Ara'ki undergrowth.
Edible: Yes (Boiled, roasted, fried etc)
Taste: Somewhat tough, dry if not prepared properly. Comparable to the stocks of broccoli or even dry celery.
Notes: Good source of fiber and is easy to cultivate.

Name: Bull club

Location: Near clearings, areas with sufficient sunlight. (Reaches about 3ft high)
Edible: Yes (Pods contain fig-like pods)
Taste: Hard and quite bland, pods are hard and overall unpleasant.
Notes: Can be used to brew alcoholic drink. Also easy to cultivate.

Name: Dragon's blood

Location: Rocky areas with sufficient sunlight.
Edible: No (Induces vomiting if orally ingested.)
Taste: Sharp, bitter.
Medicinal use: Secretes a thick, red liquid from stem and leaves when cut, this acts as a coagulant.

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Ara'Ki Flora
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