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 Eleanor Ventulus Duvedirfel

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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Eleanor Ventulus Duvedirfel   Eleanor Ventulus Duvedirfel Icon_minitimeFri Aug 05, 2011 4:23 pm

Eleanor Ventulus Duvedirfel Elnameplate-resized

Age: 34
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Birthplace: Durender, Kerodil
Durender is one of the strongest fiefs in Kerodil. Its fortress has impregnable walls, and it's surrounded by a town guarded by a badass Militia force. Its knights receive training that could make grown men cry, and they are pretty much the best warriors around. Sadly, they're hopelessly outnumbered, constantly beseiged, and have forgotten how to craft with blue-steel, which makes up all of their weapons and armor.

Physical Appearance: Eleanor is roughly 5'11". From what can be discerned from her plate-clad figure, she is in very good shape. Her face is framed by short brown hair she keeps up in a ponytail. Her eyes are a distinct blue.

Eleanor, at age 18 - rough depiction*:



Alignment: Lawful Good
While more open-minded than one would expect of this alignment, Eleanor has a rigid set of morals as well as a firm belief in the law.

Favored Enemy: Dark Immortals
This includes Demons, demigods, Archfiends, vampires, and the like. Eleanor does not think they belong in Aeria, especially after reading My Immortal.

Favored Weapon: N/A
Eleanor's favorite weapon was destroyed.

Deity: Vintar
Vintar is the deity worshiped by most, if not all, Durenderans. Vintar was born human, and with a will that could not be broken. As a result, he was invincible in combat, and became badass enough to ascend to godhood. Currently, he resides in his realm, kicking the divine ass of any god that dares invade. He is responsible for Shadow Magic not working in Kerodil, having held Shar herself off for thousands of years. Vintar is the God of Will, and those who follow him have an inhuman willpower.


  • Bag of Windcutter Pieces: Windcutter was the name of a huge sword Eleanor used to use. It was one of the first (and last) Tolerum claymores ever made, and passed down for hundreds of years through the Duvedirfel family. The sword wound up in her father's hands, and then passed to her. And then got broken by some shadow-bastard who also paralyzed her. This might be the reason why Eleanor hates Immortals so much.

  • 'Blue-Steel' Platemail: A really expensive, really awesome-looking set of platemail, customized to fit a woman. Since Durender has had very few (ie: 1) knights who are female, the suit is hundreds of years old and literally one-of-a-kind. Good thing it's indestructible (disclaimer: it's not actually indestructible). Being made of Tolerum makes it magic-resistant, and really, really hard, among other things.

  • Coin Purse: 50 Gold
  • Savings: 5250 Gold

  • Modified Crossbow: Enhanced by Wade Shire to be more lightweight and easy to use, and to look cooler.

  • Knife: A common 6-inch steel knife. For those of you who don't know, knives are for cutting, skinning, and so forth. Don't hold the sharp metal part.

  • Silver Dagger: A 9-inch silver dagger, issued by the Guard. Eleanor was allowed to keep this, thanks to Surna's unusually high vampire population.

  • Canteen: This durable canteen carries nearly a liter of water. Eleanor carries it on her person whenever she leaves town.

  • Quiver: 15 steel-tip bolts, 10 silver-tip bolts. The silver-tip bolts have a finite supply, but steel-tips are easy to purchase.

  • Instruction Sheet: A piece of paper depicting a long and very complex process for creating a sword. The sword in the diagram looks similar to Windcutter, but is clearly superior.

Current Tasks:
Track down the Archfiend(s?) in Aeria.
Safeguard the Key.

Maintain and hone her skills.
Investigate Slaver activity. This is not important in Ara'ki.
Investigate the Abesquilians, and find a way to stop them. This is not important in Ara'ki.
Perform her duties as Militia Commander. Eleanor has abandoned this task, since she resigned from the Guard, and Surna got destroyed.
Stop the advance of the shadows. Eleanor has failed in this task, because she was paralyzed from the neck down at the time.

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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Re: Eleanor Ventulus Duvedirfel   Eleanor Ventulus Duvedirfel Icon_minitimeFri Aug 05, 2011 5:23 pm

“Well, when ya put it tha’ way! Jeez. A’right, fine. C’mon.” Kain motioned for her to follow him. “We’ll get a table a’ the inn. I’ll ge’cha some food, n’ we can talk this over. Sound good t’ ya, princess?” Kain didn’t care to look back for an answer. Eleanor quirked a brow. She walked up behind Kain, reached for his pants, and dropped them without a moment of hesitation. “Wha- hey- wh-“ He scrambled to grab his pants before they were exposed. In the dead of the night, all he had to worry about was freezing his rear off.'


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Eleanor Ventulus Duvedirfel
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