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 Towers - The Heavens manifest

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PostSubject: Towers - The Heavens manifest   Towers - The Heavens manifest Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 10:18 pm

As an Avatar is the extension of the will and mind of a God, so too is a 'Tower' a physical extension of their realm upon Aeria. Towers are the sheltered dwelling places of Gods on Aeria, where they may rule with supreme authority as they do in their own realm.

The distinction between Avatar and Tower can be discrete; indeed, amongst the higher planes there is no distinction between 'God' and 'Realm'- they are one. To be within the Realm is to be within the God. However, as Gods can manifest as a seemingly separate entity within their own realms, so too can they be separated into Avatar and Tower within the mortal realm. Simply put, the Tower is the 'essence' of a God, made manifest; the Avatar is the direct intelligence made manifest.

Towers are extremely desirable assets for Gods - they attract followers and convert others; they allow the manifestation of their god without the creation of an avatar; they are the font from which the deity's blessings flow; they may shelter the creation of an avatar. A Tower is a deity's foothold upon the world, both a fortress and a chapel.

A Tower may not necessarily manifest as a literal tower, but may appear as anything the God wishes; for example, the Sun is the Tower of Aten, Lord of Purity and Flame, and the Tower of Sylornath was his infamous Gaping Maw. The location of most Towers are hidden from the eyes of all but their most cherished mortal followers, given their supreme importance; Towers may be destroyed, and a God could be irrevocably crippled by the loss of their Tower.

Known Towers;

The Black Tower; Shar

The Gaping Maw; Sylornath
The Sun; Aten
The Black Pyramid; Mystra
The Moon; Selas
The Halls of Justice; Tyr
The Altar of Supplication; Ilmater

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Towers - The Heavens manifest
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