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The Watch
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The Watch is a government organization charged with enforcing the laws of Sanctimonia and keeping the peace in it's cities. With most of it's member's drawn from the civilian populace of their respective cities, The Watch is tasked with apprehending violators of the law, defending the innocent, rooting out criminals, and eliminating dangerous or dark creatures. Although the existence of The Watch is required by the Crown in every city and town with more than five thousand people, The Watch is largely treated as a regional organization, and as such is subordinate to the local government. The Watch receives most of it's funding from taxes levied on the local populace under it's jurisdiction, with their treasury sometimes supplemented by donations from charitable individuals or organizations, such as the Greater Heartlands Crafts Guild. Unlike previous law enforcement organizations, such as the Talibarian Guard, The Watch does not double as a military in times of war. That duty is instead handled by the local garrison of the Sanctimonian Army. The Watch is only given authorization to use deadly force as a first response against Vampires, Werewolves, Goblins, Necromancers, practitioners of the dark arts and other dangerous beings; otherwise, all criminals must be apprehended with less than deadly force. The Watch does not exist in the smaller villages of the Kingdom, and does not provide protection along trade routes, most villages and trade caravans turning to local militias or hired mercenaries.

Ranks, Organization, and Equipment
Unlike previous law-enforcement organizations, The Watch does not allow personal customization of gear within the lower ranks. All equipment issued to members of the Watch is still the property of the Watch, and the use of Watch equipment while off-duty is a serious offense. Prospective members apply at their local guardhouse. All new recruits must receive instruction and training in the use of their weapons before entering active service.

The ranks are as such:

Quote :
[Administrator Only]
The Commander is the highest ranking officer within the Watch. Unlike previous Commanders, the Commander of the Watch is never involved in combat and does not patrol. His or her duties are largely managerial. The Commander meets with the Governor regularly, and is often the voice of the Watch to the people. The Commander appoints the Sergeants, awards medals, and administers the oath of service to new recruits.
Max Spots: 1
Salary: 400 - 500 Shillings (a week)


The Sergeant is the officer rank within the Watch, and the highest ranked patrolling unit. The Sergeants lead over divisions of watchmen and are responsible for the training of new recruits as well as disciplinary action against watchmen who fall out of line. The Sergeants are given greater freedom regarding personal equipment, and are often awarded a wheel-lock pistol for their service. The Sergeant of the IC Division is Catherine Waylock.
Max Spots: 3
Salary: 200 - 300 Shillings (a week)
Equipment: 1x Suede Cowhide Buff Coat
1x Gold-Weave Steel Breastplate
1x Open Faced Steel Helmet
1x Basket-Hilted Steel Sword
1x Wheel-Lock Pistol
30x Lead balls
2x Iron Shackles
Bag of Black Powder (Gunpowder)

Promoted from Lance-Constables, Constables are in command of the Lance-Constables, and lead patrols, organize pursuits, lead raids, and otherwise structure the efforts of the Lance-Constables. They are outfitted with firearms and better equipment than the Lance-Constables.
Max Spots: 4
Salary: 90 - 140 Shillings (a week)
Equipment: 1x Suede Cowhide Buff Coat
1x Steel Breastplate
1x Open Faced Steel Helmet
1x Basket-Hilted Steel Sword
1x Steel Halberd
1x Caliver Match-Lock (Short-Barrel Arquebus)
30x Lead Bullets
2x Iron Shackles
2x Length of Match-Lock rope
Bag of Black Powder (Gunpowder)

The initial rank of all new recruits, the Lance-Constable is the bread and butter of the Watch. Equipped with basic gear and organized into divisions led by the Sergeants, the Lance-Constables are the most common members of the Watch, patrolling the streets and keeping the peace.
Max Spots: No Limit
Salary: 40 - 90 Shillings (a week)
Equipment: 1x Suede Cowhide Buff Coat
1x Iron Breastplate
1x Open Faced Iron Helmet
1x Basket-Hilted Steel Sword
1x Steel Halberd
2x Iron Shackles

These duties are expected of every member of the watch. Neglect of duty or violation will result in disciplinary action ranging from a dock in pay to imprisonment.

  • Apprehend criminals.
  • Keep the peace.
  • Utilize non-lethal force in all but the most extreme circumstances. Vampires, Werewolves, and other dark creatures may be terminated at the discretion of the watchmen.
  • Drive Goblins and other hostile creatures from the city.
  • Diligently keep the hours of patrol.
  • Obey the line of command, and respect senior officers.
  • Investigate suspected criminal activity.
  • Always remain armed and in uniform while on-duty.
  • Willingly relinquish Watch equipment when off-duty.
  • Conduct yourself in a professional and dignified manner while on-duty. Do not consume alcoholic substances while on-duty.
  • Be honest, efficient, and thorough.

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The Watch
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