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 What happened -now- ?

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PostSubject: What happened -now- ?   Mon Mar 30, 2009 11:06 am

For security reasons, I've blotted out the name of the informant.

10:08 AM - |Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Mack also told me to say to you
10:08 AM - |Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: "SEE? NO GOOD INTENTIONS!"
10:08 AM - {[A]} Castle Wulfenstein: so type out what exactly happened
10:08 AM - |Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Would you prefer a condump of my conversation with ****?
10:09 AM - {[A]} Castle Wulfenstein: sure
10:09 AM - |Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: ****** ****: [Wehrmacht] Panzergrenadier Mack slips Soviet a note in passing and keeps walking off.

"New Olden forums:
New Olden server IP:
You know what to do."

Dude, Mack's telling Soviet the new shit, don't give mack any more info
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Grah.. you gotta be kidding me.
****** ****: I know.
****** ****: ****** ****: You're fucking low
[Wehrmacht] Panzergrenadier Mack: I do what I feel like, ****.

****** ****: Drak.
****** ****: I did not give you that info, kay?
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Right..
****** ****: Spread it.
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: I am
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Told Matt.
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: He will most likely tell the rest of the Admins.
****** ****: Good
****** ****: Mack and Soviet are being real pricks.
****** ****: Teh Soviet: WTF

|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Don't worry abut it..
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: You did the right thing, telling me.
****** ****: Well it's not like i'm going to let Olden die again
****** ****: Teh Soviet: O_O
****** ****: Its getting ridiculous, Soviet.
****** ****: Smile
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: He's pushing it to far..
****** ****: Yep.
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Geo is gonna be shocked to shit, when I tell him that Mack suckered him in..
****** ****: I still want to be friends with mack though Sad
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Mack is saying he didn't give Soviet the forums..
****** ****: Wait
****** ****: Dude.
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: That he doesn't even have the link
****** ****: I'm not sure I should post my conversations to you
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Why?
****** ****: Because I value my relationship with Mack
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: If its proof that he's lieing to Mack, I need it.. Matt so far, is leaning towards believing Mack didn't do it
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Lieing to Matt*
10:09 AM - |Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: ****** ****: Ph
****** ****: I'm just not sure
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: If you have proof, we need it.. because everyone trusts Mack. If he really IS selling us out.. he could keep fucking us over.
****** ****: Ugh...
****** ****: I know that you want Mack GONE though.
****** ****: So...
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Said in outright rage that he put Geo in the hospital.
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: At this point, we need to do somthing if he really is doing this.
****** ****: Pah
****** ****: You two are talking to me at the same time
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: If he's NOT the one who did this, I don't need anything.. and I'll just have to figure out who REALLY did it.. if you have actual proof on the other hand, it COULD help save the community..
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Mack and Soviet already had someone in the Admin Team leak them information.. who we can't identify yet.. and that alone is making me nervous of double-agents.
****** ****: ...
****** ****: Wait one second please.
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Mhm
****** ****: ...
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Just saying, that this could be leading to a constant loop of betrayls and hackings..
****** ****: Okay...
****** ****: You ready?
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Mhm
****** ****: Sad
****** ****: Okay dude.
****** ****: Heres the real story.
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Ok..
****** ****: here goes
****** ****: It was...
****** ****: Okay...
****** ****: Its just hard to say
****** ****: I have three fates
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: I understand..
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Fates..?
****** ****: I could halt myself
****** ****: And leave Olden to damnation.
****** ****: Or
****** ****: I could help you, lose my friends.
****** ****: Okay.
****** ****: I'm going to help you.
****** ****: Pah...
****** ****: Mack...
****** ****: He gave Soviet the link.
****** ****: He admitted to me.
****** ****: He did it because
****** ****: He doesn't like the way Olden was going
****** ****: The admins slack off
****** ****: The people
****** ****: They get left in the gutter.
****** ****: And
****** ****: Soviet is going to post the information
****** ****: On FP
****** ****: So change.
****** ****: Now.
****** ****: The forums.
****** ****: Yes?
****** ****: I believe I also have proof.
****** ****: [Wehrmacht] Panzergrenadier Mack: Call it purgatory by trolls.
[Wehrmacht] Panzergrenadier Mack: But Olden needs to go back to what it was.

****** ****: [Wehrmacht] Panzergrenadier Mack: I just want people to know WHY I'm doing it.
[Wehrmacht] Panzergrenadier Mack: Olden is NOT at ALL what it used to be.

****** ****: [Wehrmacht] Panzergrenadier Mack: The current admins are too much of slackers.
****** ****: [Wehrmacht] Panzergrenadier Mack: If I still was a head when FP did something, they'd have been smacked down immeaditly.
****** ****: I believe that is ALL the information you need, Drakonnan.
****** ****: I will be going on my game now.
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: K..
****** ****: But
****** ****: CHANGE.
****** ****: Change the forums.
****** ****: NOW.
****** ****: Teh Soviet: My thread, will most likely still be made. But I will always wuv you, even after you delete me.
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: I don't know how to change them.. damnit.
****** ****: Not you.
****** ****: Tell anyone
****** ****: Everyone
****** ****: geo.
****** ****: Tell Geo.
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Geo isn't here
****** ****: Well then the task is up to you.
|Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Gah, I'll call him

10:10 AM - {[A]} Castle Wulfenstein: the way 'olden is going'
10:10 AM - |Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: The way its going is changeing..
10:11 AM - {[A]} Castle Wulfenstein: he's rigtht though
10:11 AM - {[A]} Castle Wulfenstein: the admins -do- slack off-
10:12 AM - |Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Yes, but 'purging by trolls', is not the way to fix it..
10:12 AM - |Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: We are trying to fix it ourselves now
10:12 AM - |Olden| Drakowulf {MORPHINE}: Doing this is not going to fix anything
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What happened -now- ?
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