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 **Newspaper Article** --Assassin assaults the keep!

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PostSubject: **Newspaper Article** --Assassin assaults the keep!   Sat Apr 04, 2009 4:29 am

Quote :
Assassin assaults the keep!
Date: 4/4
Author: Rol Pederson
The Keep, normally a place of peace and power, where the leaders of majestic Leyanara ensure the continued peace of the city..was a focal point of terror today.
A government official, name withheld for privacy, was found stabbed in a corner, hidden away;dead.
A guard, found along the wall, a slit throat. And finally,an assassination attempt on the Chairman of Public Services, which was fortunately thwarted, but not without the cost of two more brave Guards.
In response, security around the keep has been doubled, and all public council requests have been denied.

OOC: In order to keep the mystery of these newspaper posts, I'm going to refrain from telling what exactly happened, to avoid bias. If you want to find out what happened/who did it, find out IC
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**Newspaper Article** --Assassin assaults the keep!
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