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 The Temple of the Triune--An Overview

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PostSubject: The Temple of the Triune--An Overview   The Temple of the Triune--An Overview Icon_minitimeTue Oct 06, 2009 6:26 pm

The Temple of the Triune--An Overview Tri3

The Temple of the Triune

Originating from the vast jungles to the south of Talibar, the Temple of the Triune has long held a strong following within the mysterious nation of Sarkun as well as the unconquered, savage jungles that surround it. Indeed, the teachings of the Primus, benevolent and wise, have shaped much of the wild jungles into something approaching civilization. Even though the teachings have faced resistance against native beliefs and cults, it has managed to convert or even merge the two beliefs into one understanding of the universe. The Triune has even managed to create a long standing peace between the nation of Sarkun and the various savage tribes of humans that roam the jungles.

The devoted of the Triune believe that three benevolent, guiding spirits created the world and all within it, acting as watchful caretakers of all life--Dia'lyon, the Spirit of Determination,Mefis, the Spirit of Creation, and Astra, the Spirit of Love. They believe that the three hope for man to thrive and grow, and teaches that every individual may grow into greatness. Indeed, the Primus himself states that all of mankind are equal, and that even he may some day need to learn from an acolyte.

They also believe that, in addition to the three, many hundreds of thousands of spirits created by the three fill the world, watching over individual men, women, and aspects.

In the past, all attempts for missionaries to travel north to Talibar have been stopped by the The Order of Tyr, who have hunted the faithful of the Triune for years as heretics and savages. However, with the shattering of the Church, the Triune has started to grow into Talibar with surprising strength.

The Spirit Warders

The Spirit Warders act as the Priests of the Triune, and are divided into three groups with three purposes, one for each Great Spirit. At the end of their induction period,acolytes are given a choice of which Spirit they would like to serve.

The Wards of Dia'lyon seek to spread the teachings of the Primus, traveling far and wide, helping the Temple grow. They often seek to guide a community to greater strength,and seek to reach their ownn potential as well as help others reach theirs.

The Wards of Mefis seek to cultivate life and civilization, and often help a new community gain a foothold.

The Wards of Astra seek to maintain peace within the world, settle disagreements, and strengthen the bond and unity of a community.

Note that none of the three groups are restricted to these--As there is a Unity between the three, so do the three groups all seek to allow the potential of the individual thrive, and to allow the grow of humanity as a whole.

The Wards often let the spirits that they believe to fill the world to guide their hand in matters as well as enter their body to grant them magical strength.

The Peace Warders
The Peace Warders are the military branch of the Triune, used when the Temple or those under it's protection are threatened. Unlike the Spirit Warders, the Peace Warders do not follow a single great spirit.

The Peace Warders are skilled warriors, and are only used in the most dire of situations, when the efforts of the Spirit Warders fail in a situation. The Peace Warders also seek to gain guidance from the spirits that fill the world, yet only the strongest gain a large advantage in this aspect.
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The Temple of the Triune--An Overview
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