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 [ The Story, So Far... ]

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PostSubject: [ The Story, So Far... ]   [ The Story, So Far... ] Icon_minitimeSat Sep 04, 2010 5:41 pm

ME:RP wrote:
The Story, So Far...
In the ruined Asteroid of Omega, a certain band of unlikely comrades finds themselves in a peculiar struggle amongst the darker, twisted counter-part to the Citadel, nestled within the Terminus Systems. A land ruled by villainy, strife, and the lawless - Omega provides a home for many a criminal and mercenary alike, bringing a few odd characters together to battle against overwhelming odds, crazed fanatics, blood thirsty Vorcha, and grimy street gangs.. How they've found themselves on this desolate rock is a tale all in it's own, how they get off is the problem.

[ The Story, So Far... ] Omega2
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[ The Story, So Far... ]
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