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PostSubject: Prepare.   Prepare. Icon_minitimeMon Dec 06, 2010 10:49 am

As rumors spread throughout Surna and Talibar that the Occitanian onslaught is arriving soon, many wonder if Talibar is truly prepared. While others might see Occitanian might as a mere myth, there is no denying that a great many will die in the coming war.

Whatever is left of Talibar's military after the great siege by Shar's dark army prepares itself for the forces Occitan might be throw from across their borders. But many of the soldiers still wonder if they are truly up to the task of facing one of the world's most feared military powers. Many officers and high-posted officials simply dismiss the Occitanian military as being overhyped. A mere legend spread by Occitan themselves as a form of psychological warfare.
Regardless of personal opinion, the news of Occitanian troops moving south towards the Talibarian border is frightening news.

Talibar says that this war is unjust, and that many of the people who will die do not deserve it.
Occitan says that the Kaiser will decide who deserves it and who does not.
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