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 Strange Reports from the Frontlines

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PostSubject: Strange Reports from the Frontlines   Strange Reports from the Frontlines Icon_minitimeSun Dec 12, 2010 7:02 pm

Strange Reports from the Frontlines
Date:Dec 12
Author: Arthur Ridgewell
On the eve of war, traders from the northern city of Vale bring strange stories of eerie, distant structures several miles from the Occitan-Talibar border. Hunters who profit off the normally dense wildlife of the northern forests have reported unusual sparsity in the area around these structures. Though many of the locals have requested an official inquiry into this matter, the Commander of the Vale guard has done nothing, only stating that all citizens should avoid these areas if at all possible.

Further reports tell of strange, insect-like chitterings emanating from these structures, and mass movements at night. Any attempt to directly investigate these structures have been foiled by Imperial Scouts.

When asked to comment, Governor Hook only stated that the presence of these structures has been officially mandated by the Imperial Council, and that no attempt to interfere should be made, under punishment of treason.

With conflict so near, one can only wonder what secrets the Empire holds in store.
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Strange Reports from the Frontlines
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