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 And the world quaked in fear..

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And the world quaked in fear.. Empty
PostSubject: And the world quaked in fear..   And the world quaked in fear.. Icon_minitimeMon Jan 03, 2011 7:19 am

The massive siege camps lining the border between Occitan and Talibar have been torn up, and the only thing left in the area is massive piles of ash. The origin of the ashes is being heavily debated, and nobody knows what the Occitanians used that would create such big piles of ash.
Regardless of what it was, it is now certain that the Occitanian Legion is moving south, supported by a company of Knights of the Occitanian Order and a large section of men wearing strange uniforms, but no armour. These men also seem to be tending to large steel carts stockpiled with weird boxes and contraptions.

Peace has left us. Let us hope it is only temporarily.
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And the world quaked in fear..
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