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 Rude awakening.

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Rude awakening. Empty
PostSubject: Rude awakening.   Rude awakening. Icon_minitimeMon Feb 07, 2011 8:20 am

After an extremely long period of calm and relative quiet, the town of Surna has been rocked into a bed of false safety, believing that the horrible murders and messages had ceased.
Then came a kick to the teeth that shook Surna back to life yesterday, as exactly twenty-four Kazuth corpses of varying age, gender, and distinction were discovered all around Surna. Each body had a letter pinned to their face, and after some time dechipering the message the Surnan guard and their legion reinforcements dechipered the message as "WE ARE THE KAZUTH REVOLUTION".
The meaning of this message is still up for debate.
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Rude awakening.
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