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 The death and resurrection show.

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The death and resurrection show. Empty
PostSubject: The death and resurrection show.   The death and resurrection show. Icon_minitimeWed Feb 09, 2011 1:42 pm

News stream in of the ever closer Occitanian tide, and it comes accompanied by rumours of a second force marching the exact same way. Only this force is one of dark magic and evil.
Reportedly it is the Knights of the Concord who have sensed this evil army, and concluded that there are now two armies marching towards Surna, as Occitan are mere mortals and this force is supposedly much alike Shar's dark army.

The newly arrived Rector Raous Frisstz have been keeping his men so busy that he disallows them even sleep, yelling that "Sleep is a privilege reserved for the dead," and telling men complaining of falling asleep at their posts to "Run forty laps around the town" as it "will wake them the fuck up".

Meanwhile more reinforcements have arrived in the form of three Concordic Knights, who have vowed to protect Surna's citizens to their dying breath. The Rector was greatly angered by this, and exlcaimed that "Sending three chicken-shit elf-lovers is about as much help as giving the Occitanian legion directions to the Surnan keep." to which the Senior Knight-Sister Maria Nightdale argued against the Rector. Unfortunately everyone inside the room at the time was forced out due to a barrage of insults, cusses and random cutlery and furniture being hurled in their general direction.


Okay, a bit of info on the siege event.

I'll be heading the event with the help of a select few (read below), and I plan on holding it between February the 18th to Feb the 20th. (Not the next weekend, but the one after that.)
Note that this time could very well be subject to change as I haven't really discussed this with Pat, and if a majority of people can't make it we'll move it.

Now, I can't be everywhere at once and I don't want a single giant clusterfuck with 20 /me's a second all aimed at a single person playing 10 NPCs, so therefore I'm recruiting people from the community to help me.

Approach me on Steam if you wish to help me in the event, and expect to answer a few questions. And please be aware that helping me in this event will mean alot of responsibility, and the inability to RP any of your own characters. Anyone is free to apply, but do note there are limited spots open and only people who are great at RP will be allowed.

If you have any questions, concerns, or if you wish to contact me to offer your help during the event please refer to either Pat's friendslist or my community page.

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The death and resurrection show.
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