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UTC Corporal Jack Mariens

"Shit..." Jack said, stepping backwards, readying himself for the creatures. They burst through the door, swinging their menacing claws. Jack unleashed a whole clip, but only a few got through the shell. The creature screeched, and knocked him down, and a door behind the old wooden steps behind hem creaked open. Dutch burst through, with a metal panel. Jack unclipped his knife and lunged for the creature. The strong steel knife bent, and jack was thrown down.

Everything i've done, Jack thought,This is how it ends? Jack sighed, and took out his pistol, and held it up, aiming at the creature. He tried to fire, but the creature's claw hammered down, crushing his pistol and knocking it aside. Jack thought, Dear lord, accept me into your perfect kingdom. I can see that my life is through. "Do it!" Jack shouted, his friends scrambling through the hall behind him. The creature raised his claw, and rapidly brought it down.

Blood spilled all around jack, and he let out a 'YEEEEAARGH!!' as the claw went through him. He felt his head hit the ground, his vision turning rapidly to black in a few seconds. His body laid there, in that old room on a swampy world, as the man on the steps threw the metal panel at the creature, and his friends let loose on the creature. He was swiftly buried, as another arrived to take his place. His dogtag read: "Cpl. Jonathan Breed"

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Jack Mariens
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