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 [Event] The Siege

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[Event] The Siege  Empty
PostSubject: [Event] The Siege    [Event] The Siege  Icon_minitimeSat Apr 23, 2011 2:19 pm

The sun never rose today. In it's place rose a dim, hellish glow, lifting from the north, like the last dying embers of a raging fire. The fire grows; and now at high noon, where the light of the day should be at it's peak, there are instead the shadows of dusk, punctuated only by the turbulence of a stormy sky and the growing fire to the north.

Today, the aspect of death once again visits Surna; and it's citizens will fight as they have and always will, in hopes that the sun will rise again. But where they have succeeded before, against all odds, they shall not succeed again.

For today the reign of Surna ends. The defenders will fight and fall, and Surna will be consumed.

It is the end of an age, the age of insurmountable Surna, whose rocks break the tide of evil and tyranny.

It is the end of an age...that has saved the best for last.

Surna's end draws near.

[OOC] The Siege event happens today, and will start when everything is ready. Server's still open if you want to jump on and RP until then.


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[Event] The Siege
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