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 [Story] Welcome to Ara'ki.

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[Story] Welcome to Ara'ki. Empty
PostSubject: [Story] Welcome to Ara'ki.   [Story] Welcome to Ara'ki. Icon_minitimeMon May 09, 2011 9:40 pm

You trod your way, wearily, past thick, green foliage both familiar and alien, before wading partway into a frigid pool of water rushing from a nearby waterfall. Beset by nigh-exhaustion and a collection of near crippling wounds, it is all you can do to fight off the desire to collapse where you stand and continue on. Wading through the waist-high water, your eyes raise to the sky, dotted by sporadic flashes of light followed by everything from a burst of dust to man-sized chunks of gray stone-- rubble of the home you fought for and lost strewn across the sky. These random manifestations will eventually cease in a few days time, but until then they will be a normal occurrence.

The smell of fire brings your attention back to earth, and upon the destination of this weary voyage; a sorry mistake of a town, a colony established during the height of Talibar's power, now brought low by the same forces that have crippled the once great empire. The assembled townspeople, come out to greet the strange newcomers, seem battered and afraid, regarding your group with suspicious eyes. They hardly seem better off than yourself.

Mustering the last of your strength, you and the others make your way up the path to the meager colony. You wonder, not for the first time, what exactly you've gotten yourself into....
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[Story] Welcome to Ara'ki.
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